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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


RE Portfolio

Please see our evidence for each 'Big Question' within the three strands of Religious Education; Believing, Expressing and Living.

Examples from EYFS

Harvest festival The Nursery children learnt about why we celebrate Harvest festival. They found out about where fruit and vegetables come from and why families come together in church to celebrate harvesting crops. We enjoyed using vegetables to make prints.

Harvest Festival 

The children in Reception celebrated with KS1 for a special Harvest Festival assembly. The children donated store cupboard items to support the local food bank. The children sang songs relate to Harvest time and listened carefully to Reverend Kathryn's story all about the meaning of Harvest Festival.

15th December - Christingle Service - This week, during our RE lesson, we have been learning all about the Christian tradition of Christingle. We were joined on zoom by Reverend Kathryn who has taught us all about what a Christingle is and how this is represented using an orange, candle, red ribbon, cocktail sticks and sweets / dried fruit. The children then made their own Christingle and were able to share what they had learned about this tradition. 


Religious beliefs, teachings, sources; questions about meaning, purpose and truth

Reception - Which stories are special and why?

Reception thought about their favourite story and why they thought it was special. We then heard some special stories from the Bible and learned about a man named Jesus. 

We thought about what Jesus might look like. 

Reception - Which People Are Special and Why?

The children talked about the people who are special to them including family, friends and pets. The children created pictures of the people who are special to them.

Reception - Which People Are Special and Why?

The children created friendship bracelets using pipe cleaners and beads to give to someone who is special to them. We talked about why that person is special. 

Reception - Which times are special and why?

This unit links closely with our current topic, 'Celebrations'. We looked at objects linked to different celebrations including some family photos. Here you can see children talking about the different celebrations that are special to them such as the birth of a sibling, a birthday, a dedication Christmas and Diwali. During our RE learning, we always focus on our core value, respect and discuss how we acknowledge and show for the values and beliefs of each other especially where the beliefs of others may differ from our own. 

Year 1 - Who is a Christian and what do they believe? 

Year 1 - What do Christians believe God is like?
From looking at Christianity this half term we then looked at What Christians believe God is like. We picked some objects and items as a whole class and the children were able to give a reason as to why they picked it. E.G. God is like an eye because he can see everything.

Year 1 - We looked at 'Jonah and the Fish'. The children were encouraged to sequence the story and talk about the meaning behind the story. We worked as a whole class to think of words to describe God. The children were able to identify parts of the story that showed these words such as 'kind'.

Year 1 - We looked at the Creation story and we then had a whole class discussion about what we think God has created in the world in relation to the creation story. The children enjoyed talking about their pictures and linking it back to the story from the Bible.

Year One:  Year 1 read the story of 'Feeding the 5,000'  We used this story to discuss why Jesus is inspiring to Christians.  


"Jesus makes miracles come true" - Ewan 


"Jesus listens to people" - Heidi


"Jesus helps everybody and is always kind"- Poppy


We created a picture to represent the five loaves and 2 fish which were shared among the 5000 people. The children were able to discuss the importance of listening and being kind as well as why Christians believe Jesus is inspiring.

Year One: The children looked at the bible story 'The Good Samaritan'. The children discussed what the meaning behind the story was and what they think a good samaritan is. The children spoke about how they could show good in the world such as helping their family, comforting upset friends and making others smile and we also discussed 5 points to represent the samaritan in the story. The children said the Samaritan was...

  • Kind. 
  • Helpful.
  • Friendly.
  • Good at sharing.
  • A good listener.

                           Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? (Year 2)

LQ: Who or what is important to you?

This half term our big question in RE is Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? The children had the opportunity to recap on the Muslim artefacts to recall on their previous lesson. The children then spoke about what Muslims believe and who they pray to.  The children then had to think about who or what is important to them. The children spoke about things such as families, friends, teachers, toys and pets. The children had to think about why they were important to them. What did they do for them? (e.g. make them smile, feed them or teach them). By the end of the lesson, the children were able to talk about their pictures they had drawn and why they were important to them.

"My mum is important to me because she cooks me dinner."- Henley

"My family are important to me because they look after me." - Heidi

                                                                                 Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? (Year 2)

This half term our big question in RE is Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? The children had the opportunity to look at a range or artefacts which have a variety of uses in the religion of Islam. The children had to make a prediction about the role the artefact before researching its true purpose or meaning. The children were encouraged to draw an artefact of their choice using sketching pencils. By the end of the lesson, the children were able to identify and name the Muslim artefacts presented to them and speak about there uses.


Year 3 - Seeing is Believing’ – is it? What do I think about believing in God?

Year 3 played a game of ‘I-spy’ in the imagination, in which other pupils close their eyes and try to ‘see’ what they think is being described. This helps to get across the ideas that sometimes we can ‘see’ things in our heads which we can’t always see with our eyes, and that sometimes, drawing on the same information, people ‘see’ different things. This then led us into a conversation about believing on God if he is someone that can't be seen.

Year 4 - Believing - Christians - Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?

Year 4 - What does the word 'inspiring' mean? Who is inspiring to you?

Year 4 learnt what the word inspiring meant to each other and who was inspiring to the different people in the class.

Year 4 - What do we know about Jesus' life story? Is his story inspiring for some people?

Year 4 showed each other how they thought Jesus looked. They then learnt about how Jesus was represented in Art and drew a picture to reflect this. 

Year 4 - Was Jesus inspiring because of his actions?

Year 4 explored the stories of 'Feeding the 5,000' and 'Jesus walks on water' through drama. We used these stories to discuss why this might make Jesus inspiring to Christians. 

Year 4 - What did Jesus teach? Was he a good teacher? Was he an inspiring teacher?

Year 4 learnt what qualities we each thought a good teacher should have. We decided that Jesus was a good teacher. We learnt that good lives are built on good foundations. We completed bricks in a wall to show the things that make up our personal foundations. 

Year 4 - Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?

Year 4 learnt about the story of 'The Unforgiving Servant'. They explored the story through Drama, showing a freeze frame of the characters at different points in the story. We learnt about why this story might be inspiring to Christians. 

Year 4 - Did Jesus' teachings inspire people? How and why?

We learnt about Jesus' teachings and what these sayings mean. We learnt what makes us feel 'blessed' or happy. 

Year 4 - Who did Jesus say he was? Why is he so important to Christians?

Year 4 learnt about the sayings that Jesus said starting with "I am the....". We explored what these sayings might have meant. 

Year 4 - What image of Jesus for the 21st Century do we want to create? 

Year 4 learnt about images of Jesus and representing him through art. 

Year 5 - Why do some people believe in God?

Year 5 learnt about different religious and non-religious beliefs about God. They learnt the correct terms for someone who believes in God (theist), someone who does not believe in God (atheist) and someone who is unsure (agnostic). We looked at how Christians feel about God. We learnt how different people feel by reading quotes and deciding whether these would be said by a theist, atheist or agnostic person. 

Year 5 - Why do some people believe in God?

Year 5 learnt about different religious and non-religious beliefs about God. They learnt the correct terms for someone who believes in God (theist), someone who does not believe in God (atheist) and someone who is unsure (agnostic). We thought about what makes something a fact, opinion or belief and came up with our own examples. In terms of religious beliefs, we focused on Christian beliefs and what they think about God and how they believe the world began. They finished by writing a debate to show both sides of the argument about believing in God.

Y3 The children of year 3 have been focusing on what people from different religions believe in God and how they show faith.

During this lesson,children were asked what question they would ask God. A question mark of candles was paced in the centre of the room. For ever question a child asked, a candle was lit. When all the candles were lit, they were very carefully rearranged into symbols from different religions; a Cross, a Crescent and a Star of David.

Children were encouraged to share their thoughts about how many of their questions could be as important in any religion.

Finally, we recited our school prayer while the candles formed a heart.


Religious and spiritual forms of expression; questions about identity and diversity


Religious practices and ways of living; questions about values and commitments

Year 2

LI: To discuss why objects and people are special to us and Jewish People.

The children were encouraged to bring an item or photo in from home and explain why it is important or precious to them. The children then looked at what items may be important to Jewish people and we looked at Jewish artefacts. The children were encouraged to ‘look through the keyhole’ of a Jewish home and draw items that they would consider important to their religion.

”I love my cat because I love him and he loves me” (Ava)

”I love my dog because we go for walks” (Noah)

“my dog loves me and I love my dogs. They are so cute and make me smile” (Oliver)

”I love my mum because she cares for me and always makes me happy” (Heidi)

”I have had my teddies since I was really small. I love giving them cuddles. (Logan) 

“My Bunny rose is special because when I was born my big brother brought it to the hospital for me and now it is my favourite”. (Hettie) 

Collective Worship

Please see below some of our collective worship

Virtual Harvest Festival 

Usually we visit St. Peters Church to celebrate harvest. This year, we gathered 'virtually' and came together to share our learning, prayers and thoughts. 

Year 4 wrote acrostic poems linked to Harvest. We found out about Harvest through our Guided Reading learning. We applied what we had learnt through this and our English lessons, on similes and alliteration, to produce some high quality poems. These were completed as part of remote learning.

KS2 Harvest Assembly - we joined together to learn and celebrate Harvest. Reverend Kathryn came to share her learning with us too.