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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


World Book Day 2022

What is World Book Day?

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. Our mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.

Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income. We want to see more children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them.

Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their future success and it’s fun for all involved.

That’s why World Book Day continues to encourage children and young people to read for pleasure through its work with authors, illustrators, publishers, bookshops and libraries.

Early Years


Nursery have had a wonderful day celebrating World book day today. We LOVED reading with our year 6 buddy's. It was amazing to finally mix with another class in school and see how, in such a short space of time the Nursery children developed in confidence with their new friends. The year 6 children made us very proud reading to children and talking about stories with the children, making them feel comfortable and at ease. We listened to their stories from home and watched books on the smart board on the World book day website. Nursery have enjoyed role-playing and re-telling stories with their friends. We read a book all about a lady called Maria Montessori and how she changed education. She was the first lady to introduce curiosity and fun into learning. She used games and physical resources to make learning fun and from then on many nurseries and schools followed in her footsteps. 

It has been a fun filled day, listening to stories, pretend play and showing our love for reading!!


We started the day with sharing lots of our favourite stories at the tables. We then listened to stories read by an adult throughout the day. The children brought their favourite books to school and we shared these throughout the day. The children were then joined by year 4 to read with a buddy. We started this session by sharing one of our favourite poems as a class with year 4. The children then read with a buddy and our year 4 children kept a running total. Today we have read:

An astonishing 98 books with year 4

Plus, a fantastic 14 books as a class 

And finally, all the Reception children have had the opportunity to read to an adult. 

We then started the afternoon by reading a book about "Maria Montessori" and how she helped change education. 

The children played reading quiz during the afternoon and also took part in guided reading sessions. 


As well as dressing in comfortable clothes or their favourite book character, Year 1 have:

Brought in their favourite book from home and shared them with the rest of the class. The children were encouraged to speak about why the book is their favourite and the part that they like the most.

“I love this book because its funny and it makes me smile. My favourite part is when the boy eats everything” (Charlie)

“Matilda is my favourite because I like the film. I’m trying really hard to read it.” (Bella N)         

“I’ve got the London Pop-Up Book because I like to see all of the 3D landmarks. I can read some of the words in it. My favourite part is the London Eye” (Alistair)

Enjoyed an extended guided reading session. Throughout the session, the children were given the opportunity to:

  • Make a prediction by looking at the front cover.
  • Read to an adult and develop their comprehension skills.
  • Discuss word meaning and look them up in a dictionary if they were unsure.
  • Share a book with an adult and talk about the features, story or facts.
  • Sequence a familiar story and make predictions about what may happen next.
  • Use their phonics skills to complete phonics activities.

As a class we looked at fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. The children were encouraged to identify the key features of all books and identify the similarities and differences between them.  

“It’s a non-fiction book because it has real information” (Joseph)

“Fiction books are story books” (Isabel F)

“A contents page shows you the page numbers” (Charlie)

“Poems rhyme” (Zephyr)

“An author writes the words” (Bella N)

“An illustrator draws the pictures” (Cerys)

We looked closely at a non-fiction book about our inspirational person 'Andy Warhol'. The children listened carefully to his story and were encouraged to come up with questions that we would have asked him if he was alive today. Below are some of the questions we came up with:

  • What did you have to do at school to be a good artist?
  • How did you get really good at art?
  • What is your favourite piece of art?

They attended a virtual author workshop with the author Catherine Rayner, listening carefully to her reading two of her most popular books; Augustus and His Smile and Arlo the Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep. Catherine spoke to them about how and why she became an illustrator/author, as well as her love for reading as a young child. At the end the session, the children were encouraged to join in with a live demonstration on how to draw Arlo the lion. They followed instructions carefully and were very inspired to create their very own illustrations.

The children also joined with Year 5 and enjoyed some buddy reading. The children read with each other and were encouraged to use their phonics knowledge and skills to support their friends with reading.

Year 2

As well as dressing in their comfortable clothes or as their favourite book character, the children have enjoyed lots of activities throughout the day.

Expression LI: To read with expression.

The children looked at the book ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  I read the book to the children, but didn’t use expression and then I modelled reading an extract with expression. The children recognised the difference and the importance of reading with expression when you are a character. The children practised various voices for the wolf and the pigs. The children thought about how they would sound if it said ‘growled the wolf’ or squeaked the pig. By the end of the session, the children showed a better understanding of reading in character, with expression. They identified they were more engaged in reading when different voices were used to show expression. 

David Attenborough ‘Little Dreams, Big People’ LI: To identify different genres of books.

Throughout the day the children had been shown poetry, non fiction and fiction books. We looked at a non fiction book all about David Attenborough. The children were able to identify what type of book this was. The children were intrigued about his life and were fascinated to find out about all the different animals he had seen and places he had visited. We watched a short clip of one of his programmes then the children answered some comprehension questions on Sir David Attenborough. By the end of the session, the children could explain what type of text we were looking at and were able to answer retrieval and vocabulary questions about him. 

Catherine Rayner live

The children were given the opportunity to follow a live broadcast of a video call with the author Catherine Rayner who has written the story ‘Arlo- The Lion who couldn’t sleep’. She answered various questions live on her broadcast as well as reading her stories. She then showed us how to be illustrators and we had a go at drawing Arlo. By the end of the session, the children were able to discuss the book we had listened to as well as linking it to RSE of achieving goals as Catherine spoke about what inspired her to become an author.

Reading with Mattie the Dog

Today, we were lucky enough to be able to read to Mattie the dog. Eloise read her book beautifully while Mattie strutted up and down the classroom. All the children listened beautifully to the story and Eloise blew us away with her fantastic reading skills! 


The children were involved In a world book day Themed drama session. The children were encouraged to use their imagination and step inside of different books. The children looked at the books the Gruffalo, the tiger who came to tea and We’re going on a Bear Hunt. The children were transported to magical lands. They went splashing through the water, had tiger with a tea and even met a cunning fox! 

Performance Poetry LI: To perform a poem.

As part of world book day, the children looked at various texts. We looked at Julia Donaldson’s poem I opened a book And the children were encouraged to work together and think of different actions for the poem in order to perform it. By the end of the session the children had worked together to think of various actions to the poem and were able to perform it confidently.

Buddy reading with Year 3

Year 2 and Year 3 joined together to read stories. They paired up and the children shared their favourite books and had a go at reading with one another. It was lovely to see the children turn taking abs asking questions about their favourite books. The children have also had other opportunities throughout the day to read quietly, as well as listening to an adult ready.


It has been a busy fun-filled day!


Year 3

Drama: During drama with Ceri, the children acted out parts from some of their favourite books: the tiger who came to tea, the gruffalo and we're going on a bear hunt. They were them shown a magic book that was placed in the middle of the circle. The children took it in turns to approach the book and whisper to it, what they wanted the book to become (their favourite book)

Kay Wroe: Jake's mum visited the children to talk about how important reading is in her job as a dietician. She spoke about how she gets to her office, reading and following the signs in the hospital and turning her computer on to read her emails before she even starts the day. Her job consists of supporting people with their health so she reads food labels, and a large text book as she still learns something new every day. 

Louise Willis: Freya and Heidi's mum came to talk to you about how important reading is to her. Louise works at Grimm & co. It is a registered charity and the core purpose is to change lives one story at a time. They support children with their confidence and skills around creativity and writing. She shared with the children a book that a school had written on their school trip to Grimm & co, and brought it a spinner that is used using their sessions to see what the children were. Some were trolls, some were pixies and some were fairies!

Marie Curie: Year 3 focused on Marie Curie. They shared a book with Mrs Vockins to learn that she is considered to be one of the most influential scientists of all time. They also learnt that she was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only person to win Nobel prizes in two different sciences: physics and chemistry. Marie Curie discovered radioactivity and changed the way scientists understood the atom

Buddy Reading: Year 3 visited year 2 and spent time together sharing books. 


Live Performance: Legendary poet and author Michael Rosen, treated the children to an inspiring hour of live poetry. 




Kay Wroe, Louise Willis and Michael Rosen

Buddy Reading

Year 4

In Year 4, the children started the day by sharing their favourite books. Each child was given the opportunity to say why they liked their book and read a section from it to the class. The children also took part in shared reading with reception, it was lovely to see all the children sharing their love for reading together. We read and listened to a variety of different books, such as Harry Potter, classic stories from Michael Rosen and Elton John's life story. From this, the children learnt the importance of following your dreams and aiming high. The children had a fantastic day!


Year 5

 On World Book Day, we dressed in comfy clothes or inspired by book characters. We began the day by reading our favourite books. We brought them in from home where we could - we can always do this when we like. We learnt about the favourite books of everyone in our class. We listened carefully to the reasons why. These were for example: because it's funny, because it's interesting, because I enjoy the author, because I like the subject (quad bikes, horses, etc.), because it has a special childhood memory attached to it. We read these books on and off throughout our very busy day!

Later in the day, we joined with our Year 1 class to Buddy Read. The Year 1 children brought a book to share with us in our classroom and we also shared our favourite books with them (or chose a different one we thought they would enjoy). Half of us learnt in our classroom and half in the Year 1 classroom. 

We continued the day by reading a book from the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series. This was about the inspirational sportsperson Muhammed Ali. Some of us knew a little about him, such as he was a famous boxer, but we didn't know the background story that goes with his journey through life. We were intrigued by his life, amazed by his strength both physically and mentally and impressed by his ability to stand up for what was right. We learnt what a 'conscientious objector' was and why Muhammed Ali chose to take this stand. We were inspired by his aspiration to be 'the greatest' and his quote 'Don't count the days, make the days count!' We answered questions about his life during an extended Guided Reading session. 

During the afternoon, we logged into a virtual event with the famous author Michael Rosen. He told us all about his career through story telling. Michael spoke about some of his well-known poetry and books. He taught us that stories don't have to be made up by the author and that a lot of stories are 'retold' such as his very famous book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. This was inspired by The Brownies and summer camps in America and retold by Rosen. We enjoyed joining in with some of his rhymes. In response to the event, we were surprised, we were inspired, we were engaged and we laughed and smiled throughout the whole session. 

Our Drama on Friday was also linked to World Book Day. We began by watching MC Grammar's rap for World Book Day called 'Reading is Amazing'. We had to try and identify all the books mentioned or seen through props or acting in the rap video. 

In Drama, we also got to recreate a scene from one of our class' favourite books 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. We really enjoyed showing what we could do in the short pieces we produced. 

Lastly, we welcomed a new author into our school. She was called Katy Booth and has just written a book called 'A Piece of the Jigsaw'. Katy told us of her inspiration for the book, she spoke about this having ties to family memories. She was kind enough to read extract from the story to us. We loved hearing this. Katy challenged us to designed our own dragon like the one in the story. Katy also kindly donated a copy of her book to our Year 5 class. 

Year 6

For World Book Day 2022, Year 6 enjoyed a day of reading for pleasure! In their comfy clothes or World Book Day costumes, they started by choosing a book of their choice and enjoyed some quiet reading time. After speaking about the different ways in which we can enjoy books and reading, they then listened to David Walliams' 10-minute story share for WBD, where he read a section of his book - 'Fing'. Year 6 then made their way down to Early Years, to each buddy up with a child in Nursery to read to them. The children all absolutely loved this experience, especially having not being able to do it for so long, and Y6 were brilliant with the youngest children! This will definitely be a treat we will be organising again soon. After reading with Nursery, as a class we read our selected story from the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series. Our person was Vivienne Westwood, and through reading the lovely non-fiction, the children were able to hear new information about a specific individual and also hear about her love of reading. They then enjoyed another 10-minute story, this time of Tom Fletcher reading his book - 'The Danger Gang'. With a book of their choice, the children also worked in small groups to find the most adventurous place they could read around school or in the school grounds, and used an iPad to photograph the places they managed to read in. They finished with a fantastic visit from Mrs Wroe, Oliver's mum, who told us all about the importance of the skill of reading to be able to carry out her job as a dietician for the NHS and also about where her love of reading stems from: at Barnburgh Primary School, back when she was a pupil here. The children had a day jampacked with enjoying reading!