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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


'Twosday' - 22.2.22

Twosday is a “once in a lifetime” event. There won’t ever be another opportunity to have such an aesthetically-appealing date again. 1/11/11 and 11/11/11 have already been and gone and it is not possible to have 3/33/33 and so on. Therefore it was right that we acknowledged this special day with the children, completing different 'Twosday' activities...

Early Years

To celebrate Twosday, we started by sharing the number date on the board. The children chatted with each other about what they noticed about the date and then we shared this as a class.

During our maths lesson, we were finding out how to combine two groups to find the total. The children sliced apples into a given number of pieces and then added the two groups together to find the total.

Some children then represented this as a number sentence using numerals and some children represented this using marks such as circles and lines. 

Year 1

Learning Intention: To count in 2's.

The children learned how to count in 2's through exercise. They were encouraged to complete an amount of exercises for each number.  For example 2 jumps, 4 hops, 6 press ups. By the end of the activity they were much more confident with counting in 2's to 20 and some children could count really fast.

Learning Intention: To create spaceship art using a range of 2D shapes.

As part of our topic 'Moon Zoom' we looked at the artist Peter Thorpe. The children were inspired by his art work and wanted to create their own 2D spaceship art. They listened  to and joined in with the 2D shape song to help them remember the names.  By the end of the session, the children had used a range of 2D shapes and were able to name the 2D shapes they had used to create their masterpiece.


Year 2

 LI: To count in 2's.

LI: To work out doubles to 10.

As part of 'Twosday', the Year 2 children practised counting in 2's as well as making a paper link chain of the two times table. They had to identify what came next in the sequence and used their fine motor skills to cut out the strips to ensure the sequence was correct. In addition to this, the children looked at doubles. They were encouraged to play a quick fire game of 'What is the Double?' and finished the session by creating double butterflies to find out the numbers double. By the end of the session, the children had a better understanding of doubles and counting in 2's.

Year 3

On Twosday year 3 talked all about what they wanted to do when they were 22. They had some fantastic plans. Libby wanted to be a firefighter. Bobby wanted to live in a bungalow with Teddy and Lenny. Lucas and Matthew wanted to live together and be wrestlers! At 2:22pm we stopped learned and danced

Year 4

For Twosday, Year 4 completed mathematical quiz, to start the day, that linked to the number 2 and 22. For this quiz the children had to pick a partner and complete a series of different questions. The children really engaged with this paired challenge and the result were amazing!


In the afternoon, the children took part in a paired PE session, where children had to work together to create an obstacle course (which related to our OAA PE unit). Each pair had to lead other groups around their masterpiece, whilst blindfolded, delivering detailed instructions on how to maneuver to complete the course.


The children really enjoyed these Twosday activities! 

Year 5

For Twosday, Year 5 completed lots of different challenges linked to the numbers 2 and 22. They had to complete the following (and were awarded 2 house points for the winning/most creative challenge answers):

  • Make a list of all the things you can think of that come in twos/pairs - they did this in 2 minutes. 


  • Write a list of two matching homophones - they did this in 2 minutes.


  • How many star jumps can they do in 22 seconds?


  • Write the most creative number sentence you can with the answer 22. 


  • Make a silly sentence using to, too and two.  


We had lots of fun completing our Twosday challenges!

Year 6

To celebrate 'Twosday', the children were given lots of different challenges involving 2's and 22's, to have a go at. Working with their friends, the children completed as many of the challenges below as possible, including: completing as many star jumps or press ups as they could in 22 seconds, trying to stop the timer when they thought 22 seconds had passed, drawing a number 2 and changing it into a picture and creating sentences with 'two, 'to' and 'too' in them. 

As well as attempting the 'Twosday' challenges, Year 6 also attempted some doubling questions and a twos with exponents activity. 

The children were excited to learn how the date was so special and were keen to discuss the previous dates which had been as special as 22.2.22!