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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Healthy Eating Week 2022

From the 13th June to the 17th June 2022 the children a Barnburgh Primary School celebrated Healthy Eating Week 2022. Our big message for the Week this year was, Eat well for you and the planet! Each day of the Week looked at a different theme:    • Focus on fibre - for meals and snacks    • Get at least 5 A DAY - put plenty on your plate      • Vary your protein - be more creative      • Stay hydrated - fill up from the tap    • Reduce food waste - know your portions

The children across school took part in a series of different activities to promote healthy eating, as well as researching how we can benefit our planet. 

Foundation Stage

As part of Healthy eating week our Nursery and Reception children have been learning about healthy foods.  We talked about where different fruits and vegetables grow and which ones are our favorites. The children learnt how to prepare and chop fruit safely and enjoyed making fruit kebabs. The children enjoyed eating their kebabs!

The children learnt about the importance of drinking water as part of staying healthy and we enjoyed exercising outside  and taking part in go noodle.

Year 1

In year one, we learned about the importance of a varied diet. We researched all about '5 a day' and created posters to promote healthy eating. The children also decided to learn a healthy eating song and performed this as a class. By the end of the week, the children were more knowledgeable about healthy eating and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy.

Year 2

LI: To discuss how we could reduce waste.

As part of Healthy Eating Week, we looked at different ways to stay healthy and how being healthy can help the planet. In Year 2, we looked at food waste, we discussed different ways we could reduced food waste and how it would impact the planet. The children came up with ideas such as "we could write shopping lists so we only buy what we need"," we could give extra food to people in need so that it doesn't go to waste" and "we could recycle". The children created eye-catching posters to promote reducing waste. By the end of the lesson, the children were more knowledge about Healthy Eating Week and were able to talk about key factors that contribute towards keeping ourselves and the environment healthy.

Year 4


As part of Healthy Eating Week 2022, the children in Year 4 looked at the importance of protein in our foods. We research how protein helps our bodies develop and where the main sources of protein in our individual diets can be found. The children created a chart to show different foods that contain different proteins.


On Thursday, the children in Year 4 researched the importance of hydration. We looked into the positives of keeping our bodies hydrated, as well as investigating what dehydration is and what can happen if it occurs. Our findings were then developed into posters, that were put on display in our classroom.


We also created our own hydration station within our classroom and had water monitors to remind children to drink during and at the end of break times. The children then recorded these results in a table to ensure they were drinking at least 6-8 times during the school day.


The Year 4 children made an amazing contribution to Healthy Eating Week2022 and really raised awareness about the importance of keeping healthy and hydrated.

Year 5

For Healthy Eating week, Year 5 learnt about the importance of hydration. We set up a 'Hydration Station' in our classroom and we were encouraged to visit this throughout the day and from now on. We learnt that we should be drinking approximately 6-8 glasses of water a day (we estimated this as 3-4 regular sized water bottles). We also recognised that when the weather is as beautiful as it has been recently, we need to drink even more than this to stay hydrated. 
We completed a survey in our class to see which drinks some of our friends had consumed in the last two days. We then used this information to create a bar chart to show the results. It was interesting to see the most popular drinks. 

Year 6


For Healthy Eating Week 2022, Y6 learned all about this year's themes. They then focused on Friday's theme: Reduce food waste - know your portions. Year 6 found out all about how much food is wasted in the UK and around the world. We were shocked to hear that 3.1 million children under the age of 5, die each year due to lack of food. When so much food is being wasted (around 40 million wheelie bins worth of food), when world hunger is also such a problem, something needs to change. 


Year 6 thought about the ways in which they can encourage people to reduce food waste and know their portions. After considering suggestions to reduce the amount of waste, they worked in pairs to create posters that would encourage people to make a change.