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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Anti-Bullying Week 2021

On Monday 15th - Friday 19th November 2021, the whole school took part in Anti-Bullying week. This year's theme was 'One Kind Word', which was dedicated to learning all about the importance of being kind to one another and raising awareness of ways to stop issues of bullying. Below are the different activities each year group took part in.


Nursery have been learning about 'What makes a good friend?' They have been talking about who their friends are and how they can be a good friend. We have also been learning about kindness. We thought of how they can be kind to their friends, like sharing, helping, smiling at them and listening to them.

Nursery chose a special friend to complete a special kind of colour mixing. They put their hand in some paint and then joined hands with their friend. They mixed the colours together by rubbing their hands together. They enjoyed looking at the colour that they had made together and then printed them on paper.


The children in Reception have been talking about friendships and how words can hurt just as much as actions. We have been talking about feelings and how we can safely make our feelings known to others. We have shared 3 of our new books all about feelings. We have talked about times when we have felt happy, sad, excited, scared, nervous and what made us feel this way. We have talked about how we can help others when they may be experiencing some of these feelings. 

Key Stage 1

Year 1

To start the week, we discussed anti-bullying week and why it is important to raise awareness of bullying. On Monday, the children wore odd socks. They were able to demonstrate their awareness of being an individual and shared ideas of how they were different to others.

"We all have different hair colour and eye colour" (Jaxon)

"Some people are taller and some people are shorter" (Zephyr)

"Some people wear glasses" (Owen)

During circle time, the children were encouraged to think about how kind and unkind choices may affect people. We looked at several scenarios and discussed why the choice was kind or unkind.

“If someone falls down, you could help them up” (Isabella V-H)

“You can smile at someone to make them feel better” (Pearl)

“its kind if you share with your friends” (Joseph)

 “Pushing is unkind because someone could get hurt” (Bella N)

“It is kind to help your friends when you tidy up” (Fletcher)

“it’s unkind if you don’t let your friends play a game. It will make them feel sad” (Buddy)

“Saying unkind words to people will upset them” (Charlie)

To end the week, the children were encouraged to think of kind words linking to the ‘one kind word ‘theme. The children were able to come up with a variety of kind words and these were presented on the board.  Once we had shared our ideas, the children selected the word that best described them and created their very own anti-bullying superhero.

By the end of the week, the children were confident with  kind and unkind choices and were able to discuss the importance of being themselves.

Year 2

 We started the week by discussing the importance of anti-bullying week and why it is important we raise awareness for it including the theme One Kind Word. On Monday, we wore our odd socks. The children came up with ideas as to why we are wearing our odd socks

"We are wearing odd socks because we are all different." (Eden)

"If you are different it doesn't matter because we have to be kind to everyone." (Mey)

"Everyone likes different things. " (Harrison)

The children showed a good awareness of the importance of being individual and could all say what they liked and how it was different from someone in the class.

The children were then encouraged to think of ways to be kind. We spoke about how people feel when you are kind and how they may feel if you are unkind. We brainstormed ideas about how to show kindness and the children then created their own heart full of kind actions such as helping friends who are upset, tidying up, showing respect and using your manners.

By the end of the session, the children were confident with addressing kind and unkind actions and were able to discuss the importance of everyone being individual.

"If everyone was the same it would be boring." (Milly G)

Key Stage 2

Year 3

 In Year 3, we looked at why anti-bullying week is important and how words can hurt people's feelings. We created a list of words that were kind and discussed how these would make people feel. 

We discussed the phrase 'If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

Watch our video of kind words below.

Year 4

In Year 4, we started by discussing the importance of anti-bullying week and why it is important that our school participates in activities to highlight the theme One Kind Word.

On Monday, all the children displayed their support for antibullying week by coming to school in odd socks. We discussed at length why we could be wearing odd socks and why this is important. The children understood that this was to enhance the ideas that everyone is unique, in school and around the world.

On Wednesday, the children were then encouraged to think of ways to be kind. We spoke about the importance of being kind and how it makes people feel if you are unkind. The children were split into groups and created a mind map, which displayed a series of kind words they could use towards others. Towards the end of the session, the children discussed the different types of bullying that can occur in and outside of school, and what to do if they identify this. After the session, the children were confident when talking about the importance of kind and unkind actions and were able to discuss the importance of inclusion of all children.

Year 5

During Anti-Bullying week, Year 5 wore odd socks on Monday to show that we are all unique! We are all different in our own way and this should be celebrated. We also followed the theme of 'one kind word' and all chose a kind word to write down. We discussed why these words are kind and why it is important to remember kind words and what effect giving a person 'one kind word' can have. 

We also discussed cyber bullying as part of our Computing learning. We talked about different scenarios that we could find ourselves in and gave advice to stay safe online. 

Year 6

 To start Anti-Bullying week, Year 6 took part in Odd Socks Day, with lots of them coming to school in very different socks! We spoke as a class about why Odd Socks Day is part of Anti-Bullying Week and what the purpose of them is. Year 6 explained how it shows our differences and how we are all unique and we spoke about how this should be celebrated. We then moved on to thinking about this year's theme - 'One Kind Word'. Year 6 watched the video made by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and then discussed the impact of our words. We also recognised how differences were showcased in this video, linking to Odd Socks Day. Year 6 came up with some great examples of kind words and then thought about the following questions:

  • Am I kind to myself?
  • Am I kind to others?
  • Are people kind to me?
  • Do I understand when people are kind to me?

After our class discussion, Year 6 designed their own odd socks and included the words we had discussed about the meaning behind the odd socks. They then created a 'One Kind Word' poster, with as many kind words as they could think of.