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Miss Machin's Phonics Challenge

Each week we are going to set a Phonics challenge. Once you have completed the challenge it would be great for you to email Miss Machin a picture or video. 

Miss Machin's email address is

See the completed challenges below!

WC 11.01.2021 

Read and Seek

This weeks challenge consists of reading a word and seeking an object. The words you will be reading are describing words (adjectives).

For this activity you will need to write the words below on a piece of paper with the sound buttons or you could print out the document. Your child will need to read the words and go and find an object with properties that match that description. Below is an example of the challenge.

Extra Challenge:   Can you write a sentence for each of the words describing the object you have found. E.g The stone is grey and hard. I found a leaf on the floor and it was green. 

WC 11.01.21 

Read and seek completed challenges!

Have a look at the pictures of the fantastic completed read and seek challenges we've received so far. I love how creative you are being, well done phonics superstars!

WC 18.01.21

Royal phonics crown!

For this weeks challenge Year 1 are going royally posh! You are going to create a phonics crown fit for a prince or princess by sorting out the real jewels from the fake ones. First you will need to make a paper crown, this can be any colour. Then you will need words written onto small pieces of diamond shaped paper to sort out. I have made some word lists from past phonics screening checks for you to use. Put all of the words into a special box to keep the 'jewels' safe. The challenge is to sort out the real jewels (real words) from the fake jewels (alien words). You can even use tweezers to select your jewels like a real jeweller does. Once you have sorted the real ones, colour in the paper jewels and stick them onto the crown to make it fancy! After you have finished sorting all the jewels you can continue to decorate your crown however you like, go mad with the sparkles, I cannot wait to see your creations!

Extra challenge: Can you create another different crown, this time sorting our sounds? You can colour and stick on the sounds you already know, then practice learning the ones you have left. Soon you will have a crown filled with sound jewels!

 Phonics word list 1.pagesDownload
 Phonics word list 2.pagesDownload
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WC 18.01.21

Royal phonics crown completed challenges!

Have a look below at the fabulous royal phonics crowns we've had sent in so far. Well done, take a royal bow, I am very proud of your hard work! 

WC 25.01.21

Woodland phonics potion

For this weeks challenge Year One, can you create a woodland phonics potion? I have created a list of ingredients that are decodable for you to read, most of these can be found in the woods but I also added some that will help make your potions smell nice too. I would like you to choose some items from the list to make your own special mixture. ( You can also add some of your own ideas too!) Can you think of a name/label for your potion mixture? Add a dash of glitter for that touch of fairy sparkle to your potion! I can't wait to see your creations so don't forget to send me a photo or video of your work.

Extra challenge: Can you use the instruction words on the list to write your own potion recipe for your friends to make? For example- Sprinkle five rose petals into the water and stir slowly.

 Woodland phonics potion list.docxDownload
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WC 25.01.21

Woodland potions completed challenges!

Look at the fantastic woodland potions sent in from our year one phonics superstars! I am so proud of how hard you are working, well done.

Hettie dressed up as a fairy and made the most amazing woodland phonics potion!

WC 01.02.21

Vowel Owls

This weeks challenge is to play a vowel sound owls game. First you have to pick an owl card and look at the picture on the owl. Say the word that the picture is showing. What vowel sound can you hear? You then need to put the owl into the tree that has the correct vowel sound on it. Is it a, e, i, o or u? There are two sets of owl pictures, one has long vowel sounds and the other has short vowel sounds. For example peg and feet. This game will help you to hear and recognise both types of vowel sounds. Have fun and don't forget to send me a photo when you have played the game!

Extra challenge: Can you write the word for the vowel owl picture you have chosen? You could write the words on leaves, make your own cardboard tree and add them to the vowel tree. 

 Vowel Owls Long Vowel Cards.pdfDownload
 Vowel Owls Short Vowel Cards.pdfDownload
 Vowel Owls Tree .pdfDownload
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WC 01/02/21

Vowel Owls completed challenges!

Take a look at the photos of Year One friends playing the vowel owls game. The owls look lovely and colourful in their vowel sound trees!

WC 08.02.21

Popcorn Phonics!

This weeks challenge gives a favourite movie snack a phonics twist! You are making paper popcorn snacks to practice reading the Year One high frequency words. These are written on popcorn paper or you could write them yourself onto pieces of plain paper. Cut them out and scrunch them up to make paper popcorn pieces. Next you need a box to put them in, you can make the popcorn box using the template I have given you or use a snack box you already have. Once all the words have been scrunched up and put into the box, give them a good mix up. Your job now is to 'eat' the popcorn! Pick out a piece, open it up and read the word. If you get it right you have 'eaten' the popcorn and can throw it away, but if you are not sure what the word says put it back in the box to try and read again later. Keep going until you have 'eaten' all of the popcorn and your snack box is empty. This task doesn't have to be done all at once, you could 'eat' a little bit everyday, remember paper popcorn doesn't go off, so dig in and enjoy!

Extra challenge: Can you sort the pictures into the correct popcorn box? I have given you three extra popcorn games to play. You have to sort the pictures using the beginning or ending sounds of the words. Can you write the word to match?

 Popcorn high frequency words 1.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 2.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 3.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 4.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 5.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 6.jpegDownload
 Popcorn high frequency words 7.jpegDownload
 popcorn-box .pdfDownload
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WC 22.02.21

Aliens Love Underpants washing line!

This weeks challenge links to your new Moon Zoom topic, watch out there are aliens about! Those pesky aliens love taking underpants off any washing line they can find. To try and stop them stealing anymore pants from people, you are going to create the aliens their very own washing line full of all sorts of pants! You can choose the styles, colours and number of pants to go on your washing line. Can you read the words from the list that describe a design and peg up the correct pair of pants to match it? Read as many words as possible and give the Aliens lots of different pants to choose from. You can make a washing line using the pictures like mine or you could even use some pants of your own at home!

Extra challenge: Can you write some sentences to go with your alien pants on the washing line? For example, The pink pants are frilly. I have given you a pants word mat to help with your sentences. 

 Aliens love underpants list of words.docxDownload
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WC 08.03.21

Alien word biscuits

For this weeks challenge we are working on our alien nonsense words and decorating biscuits with them! First can you read the alien words I have chosen? One page is full of those pesky split diagraphs! Pick your favourite alien name. Then choose either a biscuit or bun to decorate (I used digestive biscuits) Can you create a delicious iced alien? Can you also write their alien name on the biscuit? (I used icing pens to do this) grown ups may need to help with the writing, its a bit tricky! Finally before you eat your alien biscuit don't forget to say "what a silly word!"

Extra challenge: Can you create and write your own alien nonsense words? You could also draw a picture of your alien to go with their name. 

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