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Miss Machin's Phonics Challenge

Hello Reception, welcome to the phonics challenge page! On here you will find some fun challenges that will help you practice your phonics learning.

Once you have completed a challenge it would be lovely for you to email Miss Machin a picture or video doing it. These will be uploaded to the page so everyone can see your fantastic learning!

Miss Machin's email address is

WC 22.02.21

Get fit with phonics!

This first challenge is an active one that can be done inside or outside and exercises both your brain and body. You are going to create your own phonics exercise workout by picking different actions and numbers.

To set up the challenge:- On small pieces of paper write the numbers 1-10, I also wrote the word number underneath to practice recognition. Next on paper strips use my list provided and write the simple exercises on them. You can add sound buttons if you want to. Fold up the pieces of paper and put them into two pots so they can be mixed up and picked out randomly. You can also create a workout sheet on A4 paper or use the one I have provided.

The challenge:-  Pick out an exercise from the pot, use your phonics skills to decode and blend the sounds to read the words so you know what action to do. Next pick a number out of the other pot. The number can represent how many times you do the exercise or for how long (seconds) they do it e.g. 'five hops or five seconds of hopping'. You can choose to do just one exercise or you can fill up your work out sheet! This is your workout session, complete the exercises and have fun. When you finish, fold up the papers and put them back in the pots ready for another time.

If you are feeling really fit and active you can do more than one workout a day! You can even challenge your grown ups to join in with you.

 Phonics Exercises list.docxDownload
 Phonics Workout Sheet.docxDownload
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WC 22.02.21

Get fit with phonics completed challenges!

Take a look below at the fantastic pictures of the completed get fit with phonics challenges. Some friends are working so hard and moving so fast even the camera can't keep up! Well done I am very proud of you, keep up the great work!

WC 08.03.21

Bouncy blending!

This challenge will help you to practice reading CVC words, you are blending the sounds back together in order to make a word. 

To set up the challenge: You will need either hoops or chalk and sound cards for this activity. Lay out three hoops or draw three circles with chalk. Place a sound next to each hoop/circle, to represent the sounds of the word you have chosen. 

The challenge: You have to jump into each hoop/circle and shout out the sound as you land. When you bounce out of the final hoop blend the word together and shout it out! For example s-a-t =sat! If you are unsure of the word go back and bounce through the hoops again. Try going faster to help you hear the sound more clearly. See how many words you can bounce through on the list! 

 CVC word list.docxDownload
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