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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Spring 2 - Beast Creator

A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast. He’ll tickle your skin then go in for the sting. Arachnids, insects, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks. Come search for these minibeasts, and let’s sort them out. How many legs? How many wings? Who does it eat and who eats it? Can you classify it? Can you draw it or make it? Build a bug hotel or a wonderful wormery, then watch them wriggle and burrow, mixing earth as they go. Discover where in the world you’ll find the deadliest beasts. Perhaps the Vespa mandarinia japonica is the one that you fear? Why not become a beast creator? Selectively breed a killer predator that saves the world from the super strong aphid. You’ll be a hero. ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she’ll die?’

Knowledge Organiser

Home Learning Ideas

Fun Facts

22/02/22 ENGAGE: Geography - We went on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds. We found lots of different bugs by looking under, around and between objects. We learnt the location of some of these creatures and mapped our route.

22/02/22 ENGAGE: Science - We began making a class minibeast hotel in Walt’s Wood. We used what we know to create small pockets (rooms) in our hotel for different minibeast. We worked together as a team.

22/02/22 ENGAGE: Science - We began making our own wormeries. We have done this to enable us to closely observe worms in a habitat similar to their own.

23/02/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt how to use a classification grid to classify types of minibeasts. This helped us to learn more about specific minibeasts too.

24/02/22 PE: OAA - We were set lots of different challenges, such as, moving a ball from one side of the playground to the other without touching it with our hands, moving a hoop up and down our bodies without touching it with our hands and ordering ourselves in a particular order without being able to talk. We learnt the importance of collaboration and communication - including non-verbal. We learnt about good team work.

25/02/2022 ENGAGE: Science - we learnt how to present information about minibeasts. We all chose different information and different ways of presenting this. We applied prior knowledge of statistics in Maths to support us.

Music 28/02/2022

Year 5 listened to different percussion instruments play. They had to represent the sound through colour and marks. Children made makrs on their paper whilst listening to the instruments. The children then used language to describe why they had chosen these colours/marks.


Dark blue from the South African flag as they use drums in their music - Lucas

Greens and browns for the Army - Eva

Greens and browns for a jungle - Alexia

Red, yellow, orange for a parade - Ollie

Drum kit (with cymbals)

Yellow for sparks, explosions - Annie


Yellow, red, light blue and green for summer and ice-creams - Olivia K

Yellow and light green for summer - Maddie

Dark green for sirens and the jungle - Bobby

Rainbow colours for a rainbow - Lucas and Seth

Orange, green and red for a melody - Olivia H

Dark green and light blue for the ocean - Eva


Gold for a bell - Kaiden

Dark purple and red for Musical Theatre - Bella

Black to faded greys for it going hard to soft - Lola


Their visual representations can be found below.

28/02/22 Computing: Programming - Micro:bit The children learnt about programming. They use the micro:bit to create a mini animation. They learnt about the different tools available on the micro:bit and how to program these.

01/03/22 ENGAGE: Science - We checked our wormeries. We could see the patterns the worms had made in the soil, learning what they get up to underground.

01/03/22 DEVELOP: Geography - We learnt about minibeasts from around the world. We looked at where different minibeasts came from. We learnt where in the world most minibeasts can be found. We learnt more about these minibeasts and then presented this information to the rest of the class in poster form.

02/03/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt about the different homes that minibeasts live in. We learnt about their names and how they make these.

03-04/03/22 WORLD BOOK DAY - On World Book Day, we learnt in lots of different ways. We read with our buddy class - Year 1. We did lots of drama activities related to World Book Day with Ceri. We chose our favourite books from home and brought these in to share with the class. We listened to a local author talk about her new book - Katy Booth and then we enjoyed a virtual event with the author Michael Rosen.

09/03/22 DEVELOP: Computing - We learnt facts about the most deadly minibeasts on earth. We learnt why they are dangerous. We tailored our research to what we wanted to learn about them in our pairs. We then applied our knowledge of these minibeasts to create and play top trumps cards involving the minibeasts.

11/03/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt about food chains. We learnt about the different parts of a food chain, including being able to label the producers, consumers and predators.

14/03/22 MUSIC - We learnt how to represent an image by just using our voices.

15/03/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt about the term metamorphosis. We learnt which minibeasts perform complete metamorphosis in their life cycle and reproduced these life cycles in technical drawings.

15/03/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt about what environment woodlice like best. We tested this with an experiment. We set up a choice chamber and observed the woodlice to see which habitat they would prefer.

16/03/22 DEVELOP: Science - We learnt about the lifecycles of birds, mammals and amphibians. We compared these to learn about the similarities and differences.

21/03/22 MUSIC: Year 5 learnt more about colour composition. They listened to a track and assigned a colour to this because of its fast tempo and high pitched sounds. Year 5 then learnt what affect different sounds have on the overall piece of music. They created their own pieces related to a colour. Can you guess the colour before it pops up?

21/03/22 COMPUTING: Year 5 learnt about how to program a scoreboard. They learnt how to create algorithms for keeping players scores and displaying a final score. They tested this by playing rock, paper, scissors or showdown and logging their scores.

29-30/03/22 INNOVATE: Science/Design Technology - We applied all the learning from our topic to our Innovate project. We used what we know about minibeasts to create a super minibeast to try to eradicate a new aphid. We researched, designed and then created these out of playdough.