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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together



On Monday 4th July until Wednesday 6th July 2022, Year 5 visited High Adventure in Cowling for a residential visit. During their stay, they took part in lots activities and had lots of fun! 


Take a look at all the pictures and videos from the different activities the Year 5's experienced. 

High Adventure

To begin our stay, we had to prepare our rooms. This involved making our beds. We had to put a fitted sheet on the mattress, a pillowcase on the pillow and a duvet cover on the duvet. We managed this with team work. We were responsible for making sure our rooms were neat and tidy each day. Megan (our instructor) completed room inspections each morning while we were at breakfast. Congratulations to Aire who had the cleanest, tidiest room of the stay.

During our stay, we enjoyed a breakfast of cereals, toast and some hot food, including sausages, beans and hash brown. In the morning, we also had to make our own lunch. This involved making a sandwich (some children had never done this before). We also enjoyed cooked dinners of sausage and mash and chicken curry. 

We enjoyed time together in the conservatory lounge and also the MUGA. On the second night, we used the MUGA as our venue for our quiz night. At school, the children had created their own quizzes to ask the rest of the class. They loved sharing these together. Congratulations to the Sports Team (Liv, Lola, Betsy, Millie, Obaid and Harry) for winning the quiz. Whilst in the MUGA, we also enjoyed watching a film. 

Low Ropes

On the low ropes activity, the children had to walk, swing, balance, step, reach and much more over various obstacles. They likened this to an extreme trim trail. They learnt the importance of partner work by 'spotting' for each other on the activities. One group even completed some of the low ropes wearing a blindfold!! Very impressive. 

Low Ropes

Group C Low Ropes

Group A Team Building and Low Ropes

Team Building

On this activity, the children completed different activities linked around team work. One of the exercises required them all to get from point A to point B, which sounds easy, but lots of obstacles and rules were in their way. They would only step on the crates, the crates could only be places on the red rope and a random alien kept popping up to try and ruin the fun! Some teams also had to work as a team to transport a ball along a route, keeping the ball off the ground. They all worked very well as a team. 

Team Building

Group B Team Building

Group C Team Building


We learnt how to set up the archery equipment ready for shooting. We all had a go at releasing the arrow from the bow and trying to hit the target board. We did this individually and also played a team round, where we joined together to try and earn points for hitting the different sections of the board. 



 For canoeing, first we got ourselves prepared by putting on waterproof jackets, helmets and buoyancy aids. We then travelled on a minibus to a local reservoir. Next we had to transport our canoes down to the reservoir. This was hard work but we completed it as a team. 

Once we were all safely on the water, we had to ask permission from the fish to canoe in their reservoir. This meant we had to lean over the edge of the canoe and pop our heads in the water. Luckily, they said yes and our adventure could continue. 

While in the canoe, we learnt how to row forwards, backwards and turn clockwise and anti-clockwise. We used these skills in a collecting treasure game, a race against the another canoe and a singing and action game. Some children accidentally fell in during this game!

Our favourite part was jumping in at the end!


Group A Canoeing

Group B Canoeing

Group C Canoeing


The labyrinth is a maze made from an old swimming pool. The pool was dried out and covered over. Lots of tunnels, passage ways and dark corners were created as a challenge for the children. There were six ways in. The children explored with their head and hand-held torches, wearing helmets to keep them safe. 

While in the labyrinth, they also played a team race, to see who could get through the maze the fastest. Mrs Kay's team won the first round and Mr Fudge's team won the second round. 

After this, they played a zombie tag game where everyone went to hide and a zombie was let loose to turn the children into zombies if they tagged them. 



Climbing and Abseiling

Abseiling began with a climb up a very high ladder. This transported us all the way to the top of the climbing tower. We then looked out over the beautiful surroundings to realise this was our way down. The children were attached to an instructor and then jumped, stepped or hung on all the way to the ground.

Climbing was inside. There were various climbing walls of varying difficulties. We were encouraged to climb as high as we could. Some children (and staff) managed to get right to the top of the walls. 

Climbing and Abseiling

Group A Climbing

Group B Climbing

Group C Abseiling

Group C Climbing

High Ropes

The high ropes were the last activity we completed on our final day. A few of us were really worried about this but everyone gave something a go. During this activity, there were four challenges: Jacob's Ladder, The Leap of Faith, Gladiator Challenge and High All Aboard. These each had their difficulties. Most required team work and even with the individual challenge of Leap of Faith, without the children supporting, this wouldn't have been possible. We absolutely loved these - even the children who were afraid of heights!

High Ropes

Group A High Ropes

Group B High Ropes

Group C High Ropes