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Barnburgh Primary School

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Autumn 1 - Alchemy Island

It’s time to suspend your disbelief and open your mind. We’re going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island. Can you find the gold hidden deep within the island’s mysterious landscape? The only way is to study the map, unravel the riddle and begin your adventure. On the way, you must do all you can to learn about gold and master the ancient art of alchemy. Be creative and try to impress the island’s team of ace alchemists. Will they praise your scientific expertise? What if there were a video game version of Alchemy Island? Could you compose a stunning soundtrack to bring this mysterious landscape to life? You’ve got your map, coordinates and everything else you need to make your way across Alchemy Island. Don’t forget to pack your imagination. Got your suitcase ready? Then let the journey begin.

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06/09/21 - RE ENGAGE - We learnt about why people may or may not believe in God. We learnt new terminology including Theist (believes in God), Atheist (believes there is no God) and Agnostic (cannot say if God exists or not). We read a range of quotes and decided which group of people might have said this.

07/09/21 - ENGAGE - We learnt how to take photographs using the IPads. We searched for different natural elements that could be used as a portal. We learnt how to zoom in and out and to make specific aspects of the environment the focus of our photographs.

09/09/21: ENGAGE: Drama: The Chief Alchemist's Assistant visited our classroom with a message...

09/09/21: ENGAGE: Drama: We explored the Kingdom of Winterbourne through Drama. We learnt more about Alchemy Island by exploring the map and then creating drama pieces to show what could happen on this island. We packed our suitcase together using our knowledge of the different areas we would visit while on the island.

09/09/21: ENGAGE: Drama: We created our own drama pieces in groups to show what we thought could have happened on the discovery of a box in The Kingdom of Winterbourne on Alchemy Island.

09/09/21: ENGAGE: Geography - We learnt about the different uses for land. We explored Alchemy Island to see what features it contained. We learnt about human and physical features.

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10/09/21 - ENGAGE: The Chief Alchemist's Assistant visited us and left some samples from different areas of Alchemy Island. We learnt how to test these and predicted where on the Island they may have come from because of their properties and by using what we already knew about the Island.

10/09/21 - ENGAGE: Following on from taking photographs of possible portals last week, we learnt how to use photo editing software on the laptops to edit our photos to make them look more like a mysterious portal.

10/09/21: ENGAGE: Music - We learnt how to use the Garage Band app to create a piece of music titled 'Transporting through the Portal'. Listen to the clips below to hear our creations. 

Annie and Ellie

Archie and Dylan


Bobby and Eva

Harry and Kaiden

Isabella and Lucas

Jasmine and Maddie

Liv and Millie

Lola and Charlotte


Martha and Lacey

Olivia H

Ollie and Obaid

Suada and Seth

14/09/21 - DEVELOP: Year 5 learnt about the different ways materials could be separated. We tried sieving, filtering, magnetism and picking. We learnt how to use filter paper and which methods were the most effective for different solutions.

16/09/21 DEVELOP: Geography - We learnt about co-ordinates and 6-figure grid references. We used grid references to plot a route on the map, following the instructions carefully. We learnt how to plot points and join them to create a route.

16/09/21 - DEVELOP: Year 5 learnt how to create a 'fountain of gold'. We learnt what made this reaction happen and that this change is irreversible.

16/09/21 - DEVELOP: Year 5's 'Fountain of Gold' visit on Alchemy Island.

DEVELOP: 17/09/21 Computing/Art: We finalised our images taken by editing them using the computer. We learnt how to use the tools on the photo editing software to create our own portals.

17/10/21 DEVELOP: Music - We learnt how to use different aspects of the app Garage Band. We used our new skills to create a soundtrack for one of the Kingdoms on Alchemy Island. Please click the play buttons below to hear these. 

Dragon Vine Towers - Alexia and Ateesha

Dragon Vine Towers - Bella and Martha

Dragon Vine Towers - Seth and Bobby

Jungle - Bella and Martha

Junglewest - Maddie and Maddison

Stormhand - Olivia K, Millie and Lola

Storm land - Poppy and Olivia H

Summerwyn - Annie and Ellie

Summerwyn - Obaid and Ollie

Winterbourne - Kaiden

20/09/21: RSE: How to build a friend...we learnt about the important qualities that make our friends.

20/09/21: Spanish: We learnt how to say the names of a range of shops in Spanish.

21/09/21 - DEVELOP: DESIGN TECHNOLOGY - We learnt how to make circuits using items found on Alchemy Island. We learnt that as long as materials were electrical conductors we could replace parts of a normal circuit with these. We had lots of fun experimenting with copper coins and foil.

23/09/21 - DEVELOP: DRAMA - We explored Alchemy Island some more, using Drama to represent the different parts of the island. We learnt about what the Chief Alchemist wanted us to do next.


23/09/21 - DEVELOP: MUSIC - We learnt what a jingle is and how to make a catchy one using a range of instruments. We created a jingle to try to persuade the gatekeeper to open the gate of Dragon Vine Towers.

DEVELOP: 24/09/21 Science: The Chief Alchemist gave us a find out which materials could be dissolved in water. We learnt how much of a material could be placed in water and which materials stayed in the water. We also learnt that some materials change the colour of the water but do dissolve.

DEVELOP: 24/09/21 Computing: Debugging. We were given routes to follow on Scratch by the Chief Alchemist. We learnt how to debug the routes and edit them to get to a certain point on Alchemy Isand.

29/09/21 HARVEST: We have been learning about Harvest. We created our own Harvest wreaths which are hanging from our class windows for a Harvest festival next week. We learnt to work together as a team to trace, cut out and arrange a collection of harvest objects.

29/09/21: Scarecrow: We have been making our own scarecrow for a school competition. Here's a sneaky peak and you will see the finished product very soon.

30/09/21: DEVELOP: Geography - We consolidated our knowledge of grid references by plotting a new route. We learnt which way we needed to travel next. We used our geography knowledge to predict where the gold might be hidden.

DEVELOP: 30/09/21: Science - We learnt how to hide the magic 'gold dust'. We used our scientific knowledge of dissolving to hide the gold dust in warm water.

01/10/21: DEVELOP: Computing - We learnt about avatars. We learnt how to use computer software to create our own avatar. Can you guess who is who?

01/10/21: Six of our class read their reasons as to why they wanted to represent our class as our school council representative. We will find out on Monday who won the vote.

05/10/21: Spanish - We learnt how to use directional language to direct people to different shops. We were also able to direct people with written instructions.

07/10/21 DEVELOP: SCIENCE: We learnt a new technique for separating solid materials - panning. We panned for gold by making our own pans out of foil dishes. We experimented with different sized holes. We learnt that the bigger the hole the more went through it - this made it tricky to keep the gold as it was a medium size in our solid mixture.

07/10/21 DEVELOP: DRAMA: We explored a range of different portals through Drama. We chose our own destinations and acted as though we were going through a wardrobe portal. We then learnt more of the story of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe through Drama.

08/10/21: World Mental Health Awareness Day: Hello Yellow: We all wore something yellow with our uniforms for 'Hello Yellow' day. We also joined with Year 6 to be physically active as we know exercise is good for your mental health. We chose our own activities - being active, having fun with our friends. Later in the afternoon, we also made paper plate suns while talking about what made us happy.

12/10/21 DEVELOP: Music - we learnt what a graphic score is and how we can use these to help us play a piece of music. We created our own graphic score using different shapes and symbols to represent different instruments. We then performed these graphic scores , which you can see below.

14/10/21 - INNOVATE CHALLENGE - Music - We learnt about soundtracks. We listened to a range of video game soundtracks and then decided what made them effective. We then created our own. Listen to them below.

Part 1: Charlotte, Maddison and Poppy

Part 2: Charlotte, Maddison and Poppy

Ateesha, Millie and Eva

Betsy, Jasmine and Annie

Bobby and Seth

Harry, Ollie and Archie

Harry, Lucas and Kaiden

Izzy Volcano

Lacey Dragon Vine Towers

Lexi Rainbow Dunes

Liv, Lola, Maddie and Ellie

Martha, Olivia H and Bella

15/10/21 Computing - Internet Safety - We learnt about app permissions for three major Internet companies. We then used the information we found out to create posters to inform other people.

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15/10/21 EXPRESS - Design and Technology - We learnt how to make a board game. We used all our knowledge of Alchemy Island to create an Alchemy Island board game.