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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Summer 2 - Rio de Vida

Our Class Text: Including Giraffes Can't Dance and Jabuti the Tortoise.

What do i know? What do i want to find out?




LI: To understand the musical vocabulary: pulse and tempo.

The children listened to the 'Jaws Theme Tune' and the theme tune from 'Hawaii Five-0". They were introduced to the musical vocabulary, pulse and tempo and were encouraged to identify them in the pieces of music.

Pulse-The heartbeat of the music.

Tempo-The speed of the music.

Once they had identified the pulse and tempo, the children were encouraged to clap along with the pulse, changing their pace as the tempo changed. By the end of the lesson, the children were more confident when defining the vocabulary pulse and tempo.


LI: To listen to sounds or a piece of music, identifying basic features.

The children listened to a selection of national anthems and were encouraged to listen carefully to the music. Once they had listened, they were asked to explain what they though the anthem signified and answered questions such as: how does this song make you feel? Is it happy, sad, loud or exciting? Does it make you want to dance, stand tall, march or salute? What kinds of instruments can you hear? Do you this piece of music is old or modern? By the end of the lesson, the children could confidently discuss the different features.


" I can hear the drums and cymbals" (Ava)

" I heard trumpets" (Joseph)

" It makes me feel proud to live in England" (George)

" The anthem is about protecting the Queen" (Buddy)

" I think that you would salute to this song" (Isabelle)


" I can hear the drums and maracas" (Ralph)

" I can hear the piano" (Isabelle G)

" It makes me feel excited and want to dance" (Austin)


"This anthem is about being brave" (Marnie)

" Its really joyful and happy" (Florence)

"It makes me want to stand tall" (Thomas)


" I think this anthem is about soldiers being brave and the war" (Fletcher)

"It makes me feel happy" (Joseph)

"It makes me want to dance because its a happy song" (Pearl)

World Music Day

We looked at the musical genres reggae and soul. We discovered that soul is a style of African American music and it developed from rhythm and blues during the 1950s. We also discovered that reggae is a form of rock music which originates from Jamaica.

As a class, we listened, performed and created music linking to our given musical genres. We took a closer look at real instruments and listened to Miss Allison play the cornet and the trumpet. By the end of the day, the children were able to discuss key facts, as well as perform music inspired by the genres we had been given.

Love to Investigate

Why do we have two eyes?

The children worked in pairs to complete two simple tests. In the first test, they stood a metre apart and hold a pencil out in front of them. They took it in turns to close one eye and try to touch the tip of their partner's pencil with the tip of their own. They repeated the action again to see what happens when they have both eyes open and when standing different distances apart. In the second test, one of the children sat on a chair with one eye closed. They carefully watched the other child slowly move a coin in the air until they thought it was directly above a cup on a table. When they thought the coin was in the right place they shouted 'Drop!' and watched to see if the coin landed in the cup. They took it in turns to repeat the test with both eyes open.

By the end of the investigation, the children were able to explain in their own words why we have two eyes instead of one.

" So that we don't bump into things" (Alfy)

"So that we can look both ways" (Alistair)

" We have two eyes because when you look through one eye its blurry" (Isabel F)

" You can see much clearer with two eyes" (Jaxon)

Healthy Eating Week

In year one, we learned about the importance of a varied diet. We researched all about '5 a day' and created posters to promote healthy eating. The children also decided to learn a healthy eating song and performed this as a class. By the end of the week, the children were more knowledgeable about healthy eating and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy.


Learning Intention: To play and sing pieces of music, starting and finishing together.

The children worked as a class to perform a song that describes a Brazilian mythical character and their special features. They practiced starting and finishing at the same time to create an effective performance. By the end of the lesson, the children confidently performed their song and introduced a range of instruments to make it sound more interesting.


Learning Intention: To explore percussion  instruments and sort them according to the sounds they make and the ways in which they are played.


We created our very own carnival in year One to kick start our colourful topic! We dressed up in our brightest clothes and made colourful bunting, head dresses and musical instruments. We also played carnival music and listened to a samba band. We joined in by clapping, dancing and moving in time to the music. We also had a go at using various musical instruments in time to the beat. We ended with  a samba dance and the chance to play our own musical instruments.

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