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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Autumn 2- Bright Lights, Big City!


Year One: The children were introduced to the artist Andy Warhol. They looked at the different types of art work he has completed answers his technique. The children recognised he hsed bright and vibrant colours. We used oil pastels for the first time and the children we’re encourage do to pick colours which would stand out. The children showed they can use the oil pastels to create a Andy Warhol inspired piece of art. 

Year One: We used the Ipads and Laptop to research 'things to do in London'. The children navigated around the pages and were able to go on to different tabs to find out the information they needed. By the end of the session, the chidlren were  a lot more confident with using a web browser safely and were able to find different things to do in London.

We learnt the nursery rhyme ‘London’s Burning’. We spoke about the meaning behind the poem and made actions to match the rhyme. 

we learnt all about The Great Fire of London. We found out how it started, how it spread, what happened when it spread and how it came to an end. The children were keen to make houses from 1666 and recreated Pudding Lane. They worked in teams to box model and had to use good communication and sharing skills to complete their model. 

We learnt that the fire started in a bakery. We found out what would be made in a bakery and made our own bread. We worked together and followed instructions to create the mixture and then when it was baked we all enjoyed some nice warm bread, butter and jam. The children loved it! 

The children looked at various photos from The Great Fire of London. We wanted to make our own to represent the fire that spread around London. We used different materials to create our effective silhouette pictures. Or friends used water colours and other friends used tissue paper. We then used our fine motor skills to cut our buildings and fires. 

Year One: We looked at the British weather and the various types of weather we have witnessed across the seasons. We spoke about what weather we would see during each season and what clothes we might wear for the spring, summer, autumn and winters. The children were able to discuss the seasons  and could differentiate between their features. We created a seasonal picture linking to what trees look like during each season. 

Fine motor skills: The children were encouraged to cut, old and follow instructions in order to make a telephone box. The children found it tricky, but persevered and were excited to see the outcome! 

Year One: The children were introduced to the artist Stephen Wiltshire. He is known for creating landscapes drawings from memory by sketching. The children were first introduced to a picture of Big Ben and were  encouraged to practise their  techniques with the sketching pencils. The children then had a go at drawing from memory with the pencils. They had a better understanding of the different types of pencils by the end of the lesson. They were amazed at at the art work of Stephen Wiltshire.

What is a city?

The children learnt what a city was and they were able to discuss the simularities and differences between a city and a village. The children wrote simple sentences about a city linking to traffic, shops and rush hour. The children then picked the key features and landmarks of London and created their own version of London.

The children used sketching pencils to create drawings of the human features they identified in the local area. These drawings included the church, houses and the pharmacy. The children showed a better understanding of using the pencils by the end of the session.

The children have been looking at physical and human features. We went on a walk in the village the identify human features and why they could be seen as essential in the local area. The children were excited to spot different areas and used the iPad to take photos. They could take about the difference between physical and human features and give examples.

Engage Event- A Royal Tea Party!

The children were encouraged to come to school in their favourite party clothes. The children then created a themed environment for a royal tea party. They made bunting, invites, party hats, sandwiches, buns and tea cups. The children engaged in various tea party activities throughout the day and ended the day with celebrating with a class tea party. The children were encouraged to think about what a royal tea party might be like and they thought about what the Queen may say to her guests at the party and what they would have at their party. It was a fantastic day! 

We made royal crowns for our tea party. We cut and decorated the crown then ensured it was secured together safely!

We made some royal bunting for out tea party! We had to carefully cut out around the triangle and folder the paper!

We followed instructions to make some delicious buns!

We enjoyed a royal tea party with our friends!