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Miss Machin's Phonics challenge

Each week we are going to set a Phonics challenge. Once you have completed the challenge it would be great for you to email Miss Machin a picture or video. 

Miss Machin's email address is

See the completed challenges below!

WC 18.05.20

Alien word biscuits

For this weeks challenge we are working on our alien nonsense words and decorating biscuits with them! First can you read the alien words I have chosen? One page is full of those pesky split diagraphs! Pick your favourite alien name. Then choose either a biscuit or bun to decorate (I used digestive biscuits) Can you create a delicious iced alien? Can you also write their alien name on the biscuit? (I used icing pens to do this) grown ups may need to help with the writing, its a bit tricky! Finally before you eat your alien biscuit don't forget to say "what a silly word!"

Extra challenge: Can you create and write your own alien nonsense words? You could also draw a picture of your alien to go with their name. 

WC 18.05.20

Alien word biscuit completed challenges!

Take a look below at the fabulous and delicious creations Year One friends have made for our alien biscuit challenge. Well done, they look really tasty! 

WC 11.05.20

Phonics Potions

For this weeks challenge can you create your own phonics potion? (It can be either imaginary or real!) I would like you to read the list of ingredients I have written and choose some items from it to make your own mixture. (You can also add any of your own ideas too) Don't forget to add glitter for that touch of sparkle to your potion! Can you also think of a name/label for your mixture?

Extra challenge: Can you use the instruction words on the list to write your own potion recipe for your friends to make? For example- Add five rose petals into the water.

WC 11.05.20

Phonics potions completed challenges!

Take a look below at the very special phonics potions our Year One friends have created so far. I am very impressed and enjoying seeing the different recipes you are making. Well done Year One potion masters!

WC 04.05.20

Connect 4 Phonics

This weeks challenge is a phonics twist on a classic game and one for all weathers! I have created the connect 4 board for you to print off or copy yourself. I also made different versions for you to play, with sounds, red words and blends.

This activity requires a partner to play with. Each of you should choose a colour (use counters or crayons) and take turns reading a word/sound aloud. If you read it correctly, cover or colour the circle. Whoever gets 4 in a row first, wins! (Remember to watch out for those pesky diagonal 4's!)

Extra Challenge: Can you use the blank board to create your own version of the game? For example you could choose the 'oo' sound and write words for both 'poo at the zoo' and 'look at a book'.    

WC 27.04.20

Read and Seek

This weeks challenge consists of reading a word and seeking an object. The words you will be reading are describing words (adjectives).

For this activity you will need to write the words below on a piece of paper with the sound buttons or you could print out the document. Your child will need to read the words and go and find an object with properties that match that description. Below is an example of the challenge.

Extra Challenge:   Can you write a sentence for each of the words describing the object you have found. E.g The stone is grey and hard. I found a leaf on the floor and it was green. 

WC 27.04.20

Read and Seek completed challenges!

Take a look at the fantastic completed phonic challenges we’ve had so far. I am so proud of how hard you are working and how creative you are being! Keep them coming in Year One phonics superstars!


Take a look at Matthew’s fantastic phonics learning. I am super impressed, well done!
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