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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Summer 1

Welcome to our class page for Summer 1- this half term, our topic will be 'Rumble in the Jungle'. Please see the Newsletter below for more details about our upcoming half term.

20/04/22 - This half term, our RE lessons will focus on which places are special and why. The children talked about the spaces within our school that are special to them. The children then used a photograph of a place within school to create their own jigsaw.

03/05/22 - Today we have enjoyed sharing the story of "The TIger Who Came Tea". The children then shared a tea party fit for a tiger at snack time. The children enjoyed eating sandwiches and a small cake (luckily there were no unwanted tiger guests).

06/05/22 - Today the children visited St Peter's Church. The Reverend Kathryn greeted us and explained the different features of the church. The children learned lots of new vocabulary such as pulpit, pew, lectern, font, stained glass, headstone and prayer. The children asked lots of interesting questions and completed a "can you find..." sheet with their adult. They also talked about why the different items in the church are special. The church warden, Julia, was kind enough to play several hymns on the organ and Reverend Kathryn invited everyone to join in with a prayer.

10/05/22 - This week, we have been learning all about the features of the rainforest. We have found out about the weather, what grows in the rainforest and what lives in the rainforest. We created collages to represent the features of the rainforest.

11/05/22 -  Today the children were visited by Reptile Rendezvous. They were very excited to learn about all the different animals. Lucan explained that he had brought some reptiles to visit. 

The children were able to talk about the features of a reptile:

"It has no fur." - CH

We learned that this type of lizard is called a Leopard Gecko. It's name is Elsa. A lizard has eyelids, ears and legs unlike snakes. They live under rocks in the wild and eat insects. They have a special tail, when they are being chased by a predator, they can drop their tail off of their body and continue to run away. The tail then grows back eventually. 

11/05/22 - The next animal that we met was the tortoise. We talked about the difference between a turtle and a tortoise: 

"Turtles swim and tortoises walk" - Millie

Ruby-Jean asked "why does it have a shell?"

"So it keeps him safe in case animals want to eat it." - Millie

The tortoise is called Burger - because to hold him safely, you need to hold him like you would a burger! If we tip him up then this might make him wee - we made sure that we held him the right way up. 

Burger is a Horsefield Tortoise and he is 9 years old but can live up to 90 years! 

11/05/22 - The next animal that we learned about was a Royal Python. He is called "Banana Man" because he is yellow like a banana. He is from Africa and is 9 years old and is fully grown. He likes to eat rats and mice. To hold him, we had to hold our hands flat and apart to support his body. He smells through quickly moving his tongue in and out. We learned that snakes don't feel slimy but are a little bit shiny and have scales. They also shed their skin. 

11/05/22 - Before the next animal came out, we were all given a treat to hold flat on our hands. When the skunk called Stinkerbell came out, she moved slowly around the circle eating the treats. The children were able to stroke her as she moved around. Skunks are usually found in North America and use their claws to dig for insects to eat in the wild. Sometimes, if a skunk gets scared or feels threatened, they spray a very smelly liquid. The best way to get rid of this liquid if you get some on you if to wash it off with ketchup!

11/05/22 - Next we met the Tenrecs  and although they look  like hedgehogs they are not actually related to them. They come from Madagascar and we met Nellie who is 5 years old and Baby Bramble who isn't even 1 yet! They are very good climbers and have a prickly back. They like to eat insects in the wild but in captivity, they eat cat food, cooked chicken and insects. 

11/05/22 - Our next visitor was VERY excitable and fast! The meerkat called Mouse (because he was very small when he was born) is 5 years old - nearly 6. In the wild, they live in the Kalahari desert and like to eat scorpions and tarantulas. They can run up to 35 mph. They balance on two feet and use their tail like a tripod to balance. This is to look out for predators. They live up to 6 or 7 years in the wild but can live up to 15 years in captivity. They have black circles around their eyes that protect their eyes from the sun. 

11/05/22 - Our final visitor was  a Dwarf rabbit called Bea. She was very cuddly and is the smallest breed of rabbit. We had to hold her on a blanket as her claws can be a little sharp.

13/05/22 - Today reception really enjoyed playing parachute games in P.E. We played popcorn, friends swap, and fruit salad.  This helped us develop our hand eye coordination, teamwork and listening skills.