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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Spring 2

Welcome to our class page for Spring 2- this half term, our topic will be 'Growing'. Please see the Newsletter below for more details about our upcoming half term.

21/02/22 - This week, Reception have kick started their topic all about growing by finding out how to plant and look after a bean. The children talked about what plants need to grow and have placed their bean in a bag in a sunny spot. The clear bag allows the children to observe all parts of the plant as it begins to grow. The children will make observations and discuss how the plant changes throughout the coming weeks.

01/03/22 - We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by learning about why we make pancakes and why some religions celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children learned how to use knifes safely and held the fruit still to cut it into pieces.


We started the day with sharing lots of our favourite stories at the tables. We then listened to stories read by an adult throughout the day. The children brought their favourite books to school and we shared these throughout the day. The children were then joined by year 4 to read with a buddy. We started this session by sharing one of our favourite poems as a class with year 4. The children then read with a buddy and our year 4 children kept a running total. Today we have read:

An astonishing 98 books with year 4

Plus, a fantastic 14 books as a class 

And finally, all the Reception children have had the opportunity to read to an adult. 

We then started the afternoon by reading a book about "Maria Montessori" and how she helped change education. 

The children played reading quiz during the afternoon and also took part in guided reading sessions. 

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The children talk about the life cycle of frogs. They are learning new vocabulary such as "frog spawn", "tadpole" and "froglet". The children talk about the changes that happen as the frog grows and develops. They talk about the different environments where frogs can be found. The children recall facts about frogs that they have learned, for example, "frogs drink through their skin" and "frogs have ears behind their eyes."

W/C 07/03/22

The children have enjoyed exploring our new loose parts area. The children spent time creating and building with a range of open-ended resources. The children developed their language skills by talking about what they were making, what they might use and how they could balance the objects. They were able to solve problems with each other, for example, considering why the tube would not balance of top of another tube and finding ways to make changes to their models. 


This week, the children have been learning how to identify and discuss the properties of 3-Dimensional shapes. The children have used their existing knowledge of 2D shapes to talk about the features of 3D shapes. They used key vocabulary such as "curved side" and "straight side" to talk about the properties of the shapes. The children then likened the different shapes to everyday objects. For example, a cylinder looks like a tin of beans. 


RE Learning - Which stories are special and why?

The children have been learning about books and stories that are special to Muslims. As a class, we discussed "what is a message?" The children shared these answers:

"it's like a text"

"a phone call"

"telling someone who you are not close to what you want them to know"

"a letter"

"giving someone a birthday message in a card"

The children learned that Muslim's follow the religion of Islam. The children learned that Muhammad was a special messenger and he spread the word of Allah to lots of people.

We demonstrated this by Miss Allison whispering a message to a child, who then shouted the message to the rest of the class.

The children spent time independently creating their own messages. 



The children have been learning all about tempo and pitch during their music lessons. 

The children recalled what they had previously learned about tempo and talked about how this means the speed of the music. They used vocabulary such as fast tempo, moderate tempo and slow tempo. The children then learned about pitch and how this describes whether a sound is high or low. 

The children sang a song called "Shake, shake, shake" and moved their scarves fast / slow and high / low according to the pitch of the song.

We finished the lesson by learning a new song called the "Jiggle Scarf" song. Please see the music portfolio for more photographs and videos. 

W/C 14th March

This week, to celebrate Science Week, the children have been learning all about growing. The children planted cress seeds and talked about what the seeds need to grow - we are very excited to see them germinate! The children chose to place them on a windowsill as this is a nice warm, sunny spot. They will be watered each day by our 2 cress monitors. 

 The children have also planted grass seeds this week. They talked about what would happen if the seeds do not get any light, what will happen if they do not have the space to grow, what will happen if we do not water then and what will happen if we water them too much.

The children made predictions (we talked about how this means having a good guess) and then we will place some seeds will not have light, some will not have water and some will have everything they need! We are very excited to find out what happens next. 

31st March - Well, we thought spring was well and truly on the way this time last week! How very wrong we were! The children have enjoyed exploring the snow outside today, they enjoyed chasing the flakes as they fell to the floor.