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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Autumn 1

Home learning will be sent home each half term and will be linked to our topic. Each child will receive their yellow home learning book on Friday 10th September.

Home Learning Activities for Autumn 1

W/C 06.09.21 - This week we have started our phonics lessons following Read, Write, Inc. The children were very excited to meet Fred the Frog and join in with our new sounds.

W/C 06.09.21 - We have started the week by exploring and learning in a variety of different areas. We have been learning about our core values and have been showing them in all our learning - we are so proud of how the children have settled in and all the AMAZING learning they are doing.

08/09/21 - Just Like Me! Today we have been exploring the shaving foam to find items that are all the same colour. We have identified and sorted the objects to match the colour of each compare bear.

09/09/21 - This week has been very busy for our Reception children especially for those who are not used to being at school for full days. This morning, we started the day with some deep breathing and quiet, calm music followed by some peer massage which allowed us to start the day feeling calm and relaxed.

10/09/21 - Our First PE Lesson - Some of our children felt a little nervous and worried about PE this morning but we soon found out that there was nothing to worry about! We played a game to warm up and then we learned how to use our playground games. Finally, we stretched all our muscles at the end.

15/09/21 - This week we have been super sorters! We have been learning how to sort items according to size, colour and type. We have also been learning how to follow a sorting rule and identify a sorting rule. The children used the coloured cogs to sort them by colour into different baskets.

21/09/21 - Today we have been learning how to write our name. We have tried hard to remember how we sit to write successfully - on our bottom with our feet on the floor! We have also been learning how to hold a pen correctly.

21/09/21 - We have been having lots of fun during free flow today. We have been enjoying making play dough fires, squirting the water outside, making bracelets in the creative area and pretending to be the teacher.

W/C 29/09/21 - This week we have been learning all about firefighters. We have used a range of materials to create our own fire engines. We looked closely at pictures of a fire engine and described the features that we could see. We then used a selection of materials and tools to create our model. During this activity, the children learned how to use scissors safely, how to select resources and tools for a purpose and how to persevere with a task, for example, experimenting with different types of glue.

23.09.21 - This week we have continue to learn about sorting. We have used a sorting rule to sort a range of fruits and vegetables. The children have been learning how to sort by size, type, shape and colour. The children were then challenged to sort by 2 sorting rules, for example, find my all the green circles.

24/09/21 - Our PE learning this week has linked to our topic learning of People Who Help Us. This morning the children in Reception completed their fire fighter training. They participated in a range of activities including putting on a fire fighter costume as quickly as possible - this teaches independence in getting dressed and balance and co-ordination skills, moving in and around the cones to drive the fire engine, learning how to do a pencil roll to complete a STOP, DROP and ROLL movement and learning how to climb safely to rescue a cat.

27/09/21 - Our topic learning this week is focused on dentists and healthy teeth. The children talked about how we can keep our teeth healthy. We carried out a science experiment to find out how different drinks effect our teeth. We used egg shells to represent our teeth - the children talked about the appearance and texture of the egg shells before adding a range of drinks to each egg shell. The children have learnt how to use scientific language such as 'prediction' - we talked about how this means having a 'good guess'. The children were able to use language such as "I think..." and "it might..." to talk about what they think will happen to each egg shell. We will monitor our experiment throughout the week.

w/c 27/09/21 - The results are in! We have found out how different drinks can effect our teeth. The children talked about the appearance of the 'teeth' and how they had changed including describing the texture and colour.

29/09/21 and 30/09/21 - We have been learning all about 1, 2, 3. We have found different ways to identify and find 1, 2 and 3 items. We have been learning how to represent these numbers by making the corresponding number of marks.

Brush Your Teeth Challenge - To support our learning about oral hygiene and dentists, we have set the children a 'Brush Your Teeth' Challenge.

30/09/21 - Today we have talked about which foods and drinks keep our teeth healthy. We have discussed the care that our teeth need to stay healthy and explored what can happen if we don't keep our teeth healthy. We used toothbrushes to clean the 'teeth' whilst talking about how the teeth could stay healthy.

Stone Soup Recipe - Adult Supervision Required

You will need:

  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Celery
  • Vegetable stock cube (meat stock cubes can be used)
  • Water
  • Tomato puree
  • Dry spaghetti
  • Onion
  • Small amount of butter
  • Mixed herbs (small pinch)
  • Salt and pepper if desired
  1. Peel and chop the vegetables into small pieces (this is fantastic to develop fine motor skills) 
  2. Place the butter in a large saucepan, melt and add the vegetables - stir for several minutes.
  3. Add the stock cube and cover the vegetables with water.
  4. Add the herbs and salt and pepper - if desired.
  5. Simmer gently until the vegetables are soft.
  6. Add 2-3 tbsp of tomato puree until the soup is a rich orange colour.
  7. Break the spaghetti into small pieces and cook until pasta is soft.
  8. Serve with bread, enjoy!

If you prefer a smoother soup - omit the pasta and blend after stage 6. 

We would love to see any photographs of you enjoying your soup.

04/10/21 - The children have been learning about the story of 'Stone Soup' this has linked closely with our RE learning about Harvest Festival and Community Spirit. The children were encouraged to select the vegetable with a given initial sound e.g. p p potato. The children were also able to develop their fine motor skills and understanding of how to handle tools safely. The children really enjoyed trying the soup once it was ready!

04/10/21 - Today we had a very special visitor! A firefighter came to talk to us about her job and how she helps people. This links to our current topic 'People Who Help Us'. We looked closely at the firefighter suit and found out how it helps to protect firefighters. We all had the opportunity to try on the helmet. We asked lots of questions and we showed our core values of RESPECT by listening carefully and COURAGE by asking questions.

05/10/21 - Today we celebrated Harvest Festival with a special assembly. We brought lots of lovely store cupboard foods to school to donate to the Food Bank via our local church. We were very lucky to be joined by Reverend Kathryn who talked to us about the importance of community spirit, sharing what we have with others and helping each other. Reverend Kathryn also shared the story of Stone Soup with us. We enjoyed singing 'Big Red Combine Harvester' and 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' as part of the celebrations.

08/10/21 - Today we celebrated World Mental Health Day - Hello Yellow. We came to school dressed in yellow clothes and took part in a range of mindfulness activities including cloud watching, breathing exercises and peer massage.

12/10/21 - Today we were very lucky to be visited by a fire engine and a team of firefighters! We had lots of fun sitting on the fire engine and learning how to use the hose.

14/10/21 - Today we were very lucky to be able to meet a team of police officers from South Yorkshire Police. We were able to ask lots of questions about how they help people and their jobs. We found out what police officers wear and the different types of transport that they use. We were able to look around a police van. We heard the sirens - they were very loud!