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Reception Home Learning 2020-21

Welcome to our home learning page! 

Please find below Reception's home learning, which is updated at the end of each week. In addition, children are also asked to read with an adult at least three times per week and log their reading on our digital reading log. 

If you have any questions about home learning, please ask Mrs St. Clair, Miss Allison or Mrs Millington.


The home learning expectation across school is that children read at least THREE times per week.

This year, instead of paper reading records coming in and out of school each day/week, we have created a 'Digital Reading Log.'

Please complete the log (on Google forms) each time your child reads at home. 


FAQWhy does my child have a reading book with no words in it? How will this help them develop their reading? 

There are lots of different skills required to be a successful reader, from being able to handle a book correctly to decoding words and prediction. 

Lilac banded books (with no words) enable children to develop lots of early reading skills, which are vital in order to become successful readers. These skills include:

  • Handling books correctly  and turning pages
  • Using the pictures to talk about what is happening (being able to use picture cues to support comprehension is very important)
  • Predicting what might happen next 

How can I support my child with these books?

Encourage your child to tell the story to you by using the pictures. You could share new vocabulary if something is unfamiliar, ask what they think will happen next, think about what the characters might be saying and recall what happened in the story.  


The sounds below are what we are teaching in class. The rhymes support the formation (writing) of each letter. 

The 'green words' are words that can be sounded sound and blended together to read. E.g. "c-a-t, cat." Children learn to read and write these.

For support with pronouncing each of the sounds, please click here to watch a short video.


d - dad, dog, dig

t - tip, top, sit

i - it, in

n - on, and, an

p - pin, pan, top


th - "thank you," says the princess to the horse

z - zig, zag, zig

ch - the caterpillar's hairs tickle the horse's nose

qu - round the queen's face, up past her earring and down her hair (q formation)

x - cross down the arm and leg and cross the other way


- down his body, curl and dot 

v - down a wing, up a wing

y - down and horn, up a horn and under his chin

w - down up, down up


- lift off the top and scoop out the egg

l - down the long leg

h - down the head to the hooves and over his back

sh - "shh says the horse to the hissing snake"

r - down the robots body and over his arm


- curl around the caterpillar 

k - down the kangaroos body, tail and leg

u - down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle

b - down the laces to the heel and over the toe

f - down the flower, draw the leaf


- down the body and dot for a head

n - down Nobby and over his net

p - down the pirates plait, and around his face

g - around the girls face, down her hair and give her a curl

o - all around the orange


m - Maisie, mountain, mountain

a - around the apple and down the leaf

s - slither down the snake 

d - around the dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet

t - down the tower, across the tower

High Frequency Words

High frequency words (HFWs) or 'red words' are words that children need to learn to read by sight. I.e. When they see the word the, they will read it straight away, rather then sound it out ("th-e").  As children recognise more and more high frequency words, their reading will become more fluent. 

Please see below the HFWs we ask your child to learn each week.


was, we


Recap of all red words learned so far:

I, the, my, you, said, your, are, be, of, no.


of, no


are, be


said, your


my, you


I, the

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