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Church Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 7EZ


Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Autumn 2

This half term our topic is CELEBRATIONS...

Christmas fun December 2021

Congratulations to all of our children for their first Christmas sing a long. They performed four times and did such an amazing job!


The children have been busy this week making their Christmas cards. They developed their fine motor control picking up glitter in their fingers and learning how to spread glue carefully. They also practiced over writing onto their name and writing letters from their names.

DIWALI - Rangoli style Maths W/c- 22.11.21

Nursery have been learning about 2D shapes. They used shapes to make Rangoli style patterns. They named the shapes and placed them carefully to make their pattern.

Diwali food tasting...

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK -Friendship and kindness W/C 15.11.21

Nursery have been learning about 'What makes a good friend?' They have been talking about who their friends are and how they can be a good friend. We have also been learning about kindness. We thought of how they can be kind to their friends, like sharing, helping, smiling at them and listening to them.

Nursery chose a special friend to complete a special kind of colour mixing. They put their hand in some paint and then joined hands with their friend. They mixed the colours together by rubbing their hands together. They enjoyed looking at the colour that they had made together and then printed them on paper.

MATHS WEEK W/ 8.11.21

Nursery have been exploring rote counting, touch counting and recognising numerals. We have been counting when we are lining up, getting ready for lunch. We have been focusing on accurate counting, touching each item and then counting again to re-check the answer. The children enjoyed searching for natural objects like sticks, conkers, pebbles and then counted them. We enjoyed using the magnetic construction tiles to solve simple mathematical problems to build simple shapes and houses. The children recognised the shapes and colours that they used. Outside Nursery enjoyed building towers with the large blocks. They talked about which was the tallest and shortest and counted the blocks!


Science day

November 10th

The Nursery children enjoyed using simple language to describe the things that they were exploring. We made simple predictions about what might happen if they squeezed the shaving foam in their hands or they touched the magnet with the paper clips.

The activities that the children have engaged in include:

  • How to make a raisin dance 
  • Exploring shaving foam
  • Creating a GIANT bubble
  • Making lava lamps
  • Exploring cutting spaghetti
  • Exploring how magnets work

The children have learnt how to develop their fine motor skills, ask how and why questions, used descriptive language related to texture and appearance, explored magnetic and non-magnetic items and been able to talk about why the magnet does not attract all items.


The children watched short video clips below to kick start our learning before getting hands-on with the experiments.

Outdoor learning day

4th November

Nursery have loved outdoor learning day. They enjoyed making a muddy mixture and using sticks to make marks and patterns. We had our drink and snack outside and enjoyed being warm and cozy in our comfortable outdoor clothes!

17th December - The children enjoyed lots of party games throughout the morning, they then watched a special performance from our Year 5 children via zoom and ended the morning with a special video call from Father Christmas - he even asked his elves to deliver a special present. The children then enjoyed a lovely festive dinner with all the trimmings before an afternoon of Christmas games, stories and playing outside.