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Learning to shine together


Home Learning - ID

Below are a range a lessons that you would have been taught this term. Have a go at doing them yourselves.

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Design your own crime scene

Can you draw your own crime scene and create a number of clues to go with it? 

Email it over to me and I will add it to the website for others to try and work out.

What makes you you?

Find an old t-shirt. Draw or write onto it everything that makes you you. Include what you like, your hobbies etc.  I should be able to look at the t-shirt and guess who it belongs to.

What makes you you?

Create a PowerPoint to tell me somebody all about yourself. 

Fingerprint Facts

Use a range of information and online resources to find out 10 facts about fingerprints. Make a ‘Fascinating fingerprints facts’ list. 

Note: Did you know that no two people have exactly the same arrangement of ridge patterns in their fingerprints? Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification; other personal characteristics may change, but fingerprints are forever constant.

Youtube - Where do fingerprints come from?

Understanding Fingerprints

Lifting Fingerprints

Listen to an expert explain how fingerprints are harvested from a crime site, or watch the process on video or film clips.

See if you can take your own fingerprints or members of your families by using a pencil, a piece of paper and sellotape. 

Nature vs Nurture

Hold a nature vs nurture debate, considering how much of our personality, appearance and future is influenced either by our genes or our upbringing and environment. Generate lists to show which human traits are due either to nature or nurture, including aspects like appearance, personality, life expectancy, IQ, food preferences and sense of humour.


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3D Thumb Print

Create a 3-D version of their thumbprint by cutting and layering card. Start with a basic thumb shape and gradually add layers of card, cutting carefully to form the contours of the whorls, loops or arches.


Create an avatar using a suitable software package. Incorporate your avatar into a cartoon backdrop adding expressions, emotions or speech and thought bubbles.

Note: An avatar is an image of someone in a virtual reality such as a cartoon figure. There are numerous free apps or software that generate avatars and comic strips, such as Bitmoji.

Musical Choices

Create a play list of your favourite songs or piece of music.  Explain why they have chosen the particular tracks and describe how they make you feel.


Influential Historical Figures

Find out about two influential historical figures who brought about social reform. Research their individual’s contribution and decide which social reformer had the greatest influence.

Note: Historical figures could include William Wilberforce or Dr Barnardo, or perhaps celebrated musicians and artists such as JS Bach, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali. 

Positive and Negative Human Behaviour

Take a walk around their local community (only when safe to do so with an adult) to see how it is being affected by human behaviour. Take digital pictures of both positive and negative signs of activity such as car parking, litter, vandalism, graffiti, new planting and signs of new building. Turn your images into a photo story, or a PowerPoint, sorting them into constructive and destructive elements of their local environment and adding transitions, animations and text.


Create a mini-me (a smaller structure of yourself) using a range of materials. 

My Ideal Space

Make a design board for an ideal space in which you would love to spend time. Cut out and stick magazine images or copy, paste and format images sourced from the web, of the designs, furniture, technology and gadgets they you would choose to decorate your space.

Where in the world? 

Use Google Earth to look at a number of different locations. If you could spend time anywhere in the world, where would it be? Explain why you would choose to be in that place and what you would enjoy seeing and doing there. Create a word document or PowerPoint to show your location. 

Join my friendship group

How might you advertise your friendship group to others, to encourage them to join. Think about your key messages, looking at ways in which other groups and organisations advertise themselves. Create a poster to persuade someone to join your friendship group. 

These national group websites provide good examples:

The Scouts

The Girl Guides


Charitable Organisations

Look at a range of charitable organisations, using websites, leaflets and by listening to visiting representatives, where possible. Consider which charity you would support and explain why it is important to you.

Murder Mystery

Look at the crime scene. Can you identify all the evidence?

Then look at every clue one by one.

Can you work out what has happened?

Email your answers to me!

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Murder Mystery - your thoughts!

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