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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Mrs Langley's Challenges

Inspirational Words
As all the staff at school start to prepare for a reopening, I thought it might be a good idea to give them and the children who are going to be coming back into school some inspiration and encouragement.
I would like you to make a sign of an inspirational quote or word, something that helps you get through when you have to do something you’ve never done before. Make it as colourful and cheerful as you can. We will then put it on the website for everyone to see.
Have your photograph taken with it and send it to us. As always there is a prize for the winner.
Mrs Langley :)


Normally, at this time of year, I have a holiday somewhere nice. I’ve visited lots of places where I have had fabulous holidays.  This year is a little different, I am going to be staying at home, so I came up with an idea of recreating some of my favourite holidays at home.  I wondered if you might all like to do the same?

 So, for this weeks challenge, I thought you could either:

  • draw a picture
  • make a diorama
  • set the scene  

to recreate a location or event from your special holiday or place. 

As always there will be a prize for the winner.

I can’t wait to see if I can guess where you are in the world or what you are doing.

Mrs Langley :)

Can you guess where Tony is? (Scroll down to find out...)

Tony was in... FLAMBOROUGH!

Board Games

I have been really impressed with the level of entries to all the challenges so far!

If you’re anything like us, we’ve been playing an awful lot of board games recently and so for this week’s challenge, I thought it might be nice to see if you could either invent your own board game or reinvent an existing one.

Could you make something like:

  • Harry Potter domino’s?
  • Monopoly based on the local area?
  • Outdoor noughts and crosses using plant pots and canes?   

They were just a few quick ideas I had, I bet you can do much better.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck, Mrs Langley.

And the winner is...Riley!

Rosa's role playing adventure scenario

Harrison's Formula 1 inspired board game

Evie's 'The Quiz' Board Game

Tyler's Snakes & Ladders

Riley's family themed Top Trumps game

Scarecrow Making

Can you build a scarecrow  (it can be any size you like), based on either a character from a film or a book.


This fits in brilliantly with our allotment topic.

Harrison with his certificate and prize. Oh, and his scarecrow of course!

And the winner is.... Harrison!

Evie's St Trinians Scarecrow - Doris!

Rosa's 'The Scarecrow' from the Batman Comics!

Harrison's 'Mr Stink' Scarecrow!

Recycling Project

Mrs Langley’s challenge for this week is to see if you can repurpose and reuse something that you would normally have thrown away.  


A plastic bottle into a broom?

A tin can into a bird feeder?


There’s a prize for the most inventive idea!


Please email your photos or videos to Mrs Langley or Miss Appleyard by 5pm Sunday.


And the winner is... Evie!

Evie's many creations! Tin can bird feeder, bottle plant pots and paper mache hot air balloon!

Georgia's dog house, made from a recycled cardboard box...

Harrison's drip feeder, made out of a recycled juice bottle, linking to our Allotment topic...

Noah and Lewis' Cat box toy, made out of a cardboard box and bottle lids, that would have otherwise been thrown away...

Mrs Langley's SMILE Challenge!:)

Hello Year 5,

This weeks theme is 'Smiley faces',  so here is a challenge for you... Can you make either a PowerPoint or a collage of things that make you smile?


It could be a picture of a place you visited, your favourite food, your favourite - activity anything that brings a smile to your face.

If you are making a collage, draw a smiley face emoji in the centre and then fill your page with your items you can use photos, things cut from magazines, printed from the internet, drawings or just words to describe your item.


If you are making a PowerPoint, start with the smiley face emoji and then include photos or pictures of things that make you smile, maybe you can add your favourite piece of music.


Once finished you can email them to Miss Appleyard or me we will share as many as possible on the website.


Get creating!! I look forward to seeing the results.  I bet you can all make me SMILE!!

Mrs Langley x

And the SMILE winner is.... Tyler!





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