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Barnburgh Primary School

Learning to shine together


Mrs Wilkinson's Challenges

To help keep us safe, at home we must stay

So engage your brain with challenge Monday

Each week I’ll set a new little task

Give it a go is all that I ask!



Time capsule challenge

Pick your pencil up, off the shelf

And write a letter to yourself

Or help a person of the future, with their enquiry

By writing them an entry, from your diary!

Just like Ann Frank did during World War 2, I'd like you to write a diary entry or a letter to yourself. Once you've done it take a photograph and email it to me. When I have received everyone's writing, I will make a slide show to send to Miss Appleyard! She will get to know a little bit more about you including,the things you like or don't like to do! After she has read them, they will be placed in a time capsule to revisit in the future.

Here are some hints and tips:

Dear ???

Since, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed schools in March 2020 due the Corona virus pandemic, I have been learning at home.

Tell me what a day has involved. What learning or activities have you done? Who have you spent lockdown with?

How has lockdown made you feel? What has been great about it? What have you really disliked?

Don't forget to sign and date it!

Email a photograph of your writing to by 7pm on Friday 10th July 2020.

There will a prize and a certificate awarded to EVERY PERSON who takes part in this challenge!!


Be a bright spark!

Allowing electricity to flow,

Will always make your light bulb glow!

Always be conscientious,

To prevent electricity from being dangerous!

So NEVER get yourself left in the dark,

Following SAFETY RULES always, makes you a bright spark!

This weeks challenge is to design and create a health and safety poster for when working with electricity.

It could highlight the risks and how to avoid/minimise them or it could have rules/warnings on. I'll leave it up to you.

Email me your design to by 7pm on FRIDAY 3rd July.




What makes you smile

Take a minute or a while

To show me what, makes you smile!

Draw a picture or take a snap

and send it to me for the app

Tell me why by jotting a line

On Monday next week, I'll share with you mine!




Traders & Raiders is a favourite topic of mine
And for this challenge you, deserve extra time
Two weeks is the time limit, that I have set
To enable you to do research, on the internet
Back in time they didn’t have any shops, or a mall
Instead they’d buy things ,from off a trade stall
Will you be an Anglo Saxon, or a Viking?
What wares will sell? Now, that’s the thing!
Would you be in the open, or in a tent?
Showcase your work at our virtual express event!
Be an entrepreneur, write a business plan
As the objective is to have, the best stall you can!
You have 2 weeks to work on your virtual express event. You can use mind maps, do a messy write or draw a plan but I would like to see evidence of these 5 key points:
  • Choose a Viking or Saxon name then make a name badge using runes
  • Find out what a trade fair is and what would be bought and sold there
  • Then make a choice of what you would have on your stall
  • You need to think of the cheapest way to stock your stall of goods so that in theory it would make you the (most money)biggest profit
  • Finally, make goods for your stall or do a picture collage showing me how it would look
You may like to work with one or two of your friends on this challenge if, you’re keeping in touch with them via technology.
Remember :-
RESPECT- listen to each others ideas
INDEPENDENCE- you may want to work completely by yourself or take responsibility for a section
COURAGE- if writing or art is not your thing (I know) still give it a go
PERSEVERANCE- there are different parts to this task which will involve researching, writing & possibly crafts so don’t give up!
AMBITION- You’ve got the opportunity to run with this and make it a fantastic piece of work.


There’s lots of things for us to see

From a mini midge to, a fat bumble bee

It may be birds you hear, loving to tweet

Or perhaps a fledgling, that you find sweet

So take a minute, to appreciate nature & it’s mighty power!

From the blackest of spiders, to a pretty, colourful flower!


This week my challenge (influenced by Imogen who has been snapping away on her phone)is to appreciate the natural world around us.. I’d like you to take a photograph to capture its beauty then, share it with me.

It must be of something natural and not man made eg. A flower, an insect or even a pet!



challenge 4 entries



Amelia's project left me lost for words! From the planning stage, through all the mini challenges I asked to be included to the grand finale which was to create a trade fair stall. She used her love of baking to her advantage, stuck to strict hygiene standards and sold her goods to the staff at school. A grand total of £50! profit was made  giving page which Amelia donated to the PTA fundraiser for a new trim trail. 

Although she has a menacing Viking name she really has a heart of gold.

These are just some of the core values she has shown

Ambition- Amelia set her sights high and achieved her goal!

Perseverance- This challenge was one that had a lot of parts to it but, she took her time and stuck to it and raised money too!

Courage-She had an idea and ran with it.

Respect- Amelia asked people what their opinions were about her idea. Once she had her information she took every precaution to minimise risk by                  taking hygiene precautions very seriously.




Sorry for the delay in selecting the winner today, we just couldn't decide! Each and everyone of you have captured   wonderful shots. Thank you year 4 they really are beautiful.

The Winner of the Weekly Challenge this week is 

Charlotte Temple.


All too often we don’t take time to appreciate the natural world around us because we are too busy. So, my challenge was to explore our living world and take a photograph showing its beauty. 

 Charlotte’s photograph ‘Snails’ shows that in our fast-paced world if we slow down to a snail’s pace there is beauty to be found! Although a snail is not bright and colourful, nor does it dance or flutter around if you look closely, they have unique patterns on their shell which protects and houses them. 

 It can't be any more apt- We are unique, our lives have slowed down and many of us have been tied to our home for protection. 

Well done 



Until Cornona goes away

2 metres apart, we must stay

We want to have, lots and lots of fun

Whilst playing with our friends in the sun

So my challenge to you, on this Monday 

Is create or design a safe game to play!


I know how creative you all are as well as being  great problem solvers. 

Your game can be anything. It could be an outside one or one for wet play. Maybe, it’s one for younger children or our class, it’s entirely up to you.

The main criteria’s are, safety & fun and it can’t be a computer game!

You can present it by:-

Making or drawing it with labels 

A story board with pictures

Or writing a list of any equipment needed & instructions of how to play it.

Send entries to by 6 pm on Sunday.

Good luck my little designers!




This weeks challenge entries were both fantastic and ensured safe play with friends and minimal risk.
I have chosen Lillia’s game because I felt it could be played by children from Foundation stage through to KS2. It also could be played both indoors or outside.
The design also allowed for more than one style of game to be played too.
Lillia has show a number of our core values
Respect- respectful of all age group
Ambition- Aiming high with the standard of her design and the work that she has put into the aesthetics of it.
Perseverance- The amount of work and effort put into the design would have be carried out over time.

So, well done Lillia you prize and certificate will be out to you during the week.


This week I challenge you to make your own Viking longboat.

You can make it out if anything and can be decorated. If it actually floats that would be amazing!

Keep taking pictures or make a video of your work, then send it to me by Sunday of the same week at:

I will put all your entries on our class page.

There will be a small prize and a certificate for the weekly winner delivered to your door!




Congratulations  go to Oliver Wroe -with the help of his little brother Jake from Y1-for winning this weeks long boat challenge.

I’m sure that you’ll enjoy his film as much as Miss Yates and I did.
The aesthetics of the boat are amazing and Oliver demonstrated many of our schools core values.
Teamwork & respect - when working with his brother.
Ambition- aiming high by using different tools and learning new skills.
Perseverance- I'm sure he would have found bits tricky but, he still completed it.
Courage- bravely launching his boat into the bath. 
For the grand finale, his Viking long boat floated.
A huge well done to all those who entered. I was amazed by the skills each and everyone of you have demonstrated during this task.