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Home Learning - English Writing

While you are working at home, I would still like you to complete writing tasks. I have set some below that you can choose from. They are linked to our new topic 'Traders and Raiders'. 

You can email me them on

I will add them to our class page. I look forward to reading your writing. 

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The following home learning tasks are available for writing. Click on the links to go to the websites:

Spelling Shed  - Complete the spelling challenges

Pobble 365  - Choose a writing task and complete the writing challenges

Classroom Secrets - Range of interactive activities (requires a free login to be created by an adult)

Top Marks - A range of SPaG activities

Twinkl - Range of interactive activities and downloadable home learning packs (requires a free login to be created by an adult. One month free using the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

Favourtie Memories

As we edge closer to the end of the academic year it would be great if you could write down some of your favourite memories from Year 2. You can present this in anyway that you want! It could be a comic strip, poster, powerpoint or in any other way you could think of! Have a look at the photos on the class webpage to help jog your memory. I can't wait to see your finished pieces.

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Transition Letters

Have a go at writing a letter to the new Year 4 children. What do you think you will need to include? What will they want to know about? What things have you learnt in Year 4 that they might like to know about? 

Please send your completed letters to me so I can pass these onto the current Year 3 children. 

 Example Text.pdfDownload
 Genre Features Checklist.pdfDownload
 Word Cards.pdfDownload
 Word Mat.pdfDownload
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Reflection Time

As we are seeing some of our siblings or friends returning to some days of school, let's reflect on what we have learnt during lockdown so far. Below is a pack of resources that helps us to recognise what new skills we may have learnt, what new talents and special qualities we have discovered about ourselves. Ask your family to help - what have they noticed about you? I'd love to see your responses.

 What positives have come from lockdown worksheet.pdfDownload
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Viking Poetry 

Over the course of 4 lessons we will build up to creating a piece of Viking Poetry. 

Lesson 1 - Listen to and read some of the stories and poems that entertained the Vikings at feasts and celebrations, such as the story of Thor’s Fishing Trip, or Sigurd the Dragon-Slayer, both of which are provided in the files section below. 


Lesson 2 - Drafting your poem - Imagine that they are a skald (poet) of the famous Viking, King Olaf. Working with a partner, draft ideas for a poem to entertain the king and his important guests at a royal feast, remembering that what he most wants to hear is that he is an amazing warrior. Seek out information, ideas and vocabulary from different research resources.

Note - Kings had their own poets, called skalds. They would create and read poems to entertain the guests and the subject matter often focused on how great the King was. Children could decide what type of poem they would like to prepare for King Olaf, perhaps a rhyming poem, a free verse, a haiku or a calligram. Writing frames are below in files if needed. 


Lesson 3 - Refine and complete their poems, making sure that they include lots of detail about the king’s prowess in battle, praising his skills, weapons and victories. Read aloud your poem to make sure that it reads well and is good enough to read to the king.

Note: Before the you write your poem, brainstorm some powerful Viking adjectives, verbs and adverbs that you could use. Metaphors and similes would also impress your mighty monarch!


Lesson 4 - Perform your poem! Practice performing your poem. Rehearse reading it adding sound effects and using your pitch and tone, so that the king and his nobles will be suitably entertained. Don't forget to e-mail your pictures and videos of your performing your poem over to us! 


 Lesson 1 - Sigurd the Dragon Slayer.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Thor Fishing Trip.pdfDownload
 Viking Border Lined.pdfDownload
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Character Profile

Complete a character profile on either King Arthur or King Alfred the Great. You can use your research skills to find out about them before you complete this task. Below are some templates of character profiles you could use or you are more than welcome to make your own. 

 Character Description - Option 1.pdfDownload
 Character Description - Option 2.pdfDownload
 Character Description - Option 3.pdfDownload
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The sword in the stone

Read the story or watch the film of 'The sword in the stone'. Complete one or more of the tasks below linked to this story.

*Retell the story in your own words

*Create a storyboard or book 

*Create a lego animation to retell the story

*Make a comic strip to retell the story


Below is a copy of the story and an example of a comic strip to support you.

 Example Cartoon Strip.docDownload
 The sword in the stone story.docDownload
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The legend of King Arthur

Read the story of 'The legend of King Arthur'. Complete one or more of the tasks below linked to this story.

*Retell the story in your own words

*Create a storyboard or book 

*Create a lego animation to retell the story

*Make a comic strip to retell the story


Below is a copy of the story to support you.

 The Legend of King Arthur Story.pptDownload
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The Day in the Life of a Viking Child

Use your research skills to find out what it was like to be a child during Viking times. Write a diary of the day in the life as a child. 

Below is a powerpoint to support you with writing a diary. 

 Diary Writing.pptxDownload
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Home Learning - English Reading

The following home learning tasks are available for reading. Click on the links to go to the websites:

Free Aubible stories - free audio books for children 

GetEpic - free ebooks and reading activities (This will require a code to acess - Please email me for this code)

David Walliams - Daily audio stories

Oxford Owl - Free eBook library (parents just need to create a FREE account to access the books)

Below are a selection of guided reading tasks for you to complete. If you would rather have them printed out, please email me and I will arrange this.

 Anglo-Saxon Kings Fact Sheet.pdfDownload
 Anglo-Saxon Kings Questions.pdfDownload
 Arthur and the Sword in the Stone reading comprehension.docxDownload
 Butser Ancient Farm reading comprehension.docxDownload
 Sutton Hoo Reading Comprehension.docxDownload
 The Legend of King Arthur.pdfDownload
 Viking Food and Cooking Questions.docDownload
 Viking Food and Cooking.docDownload
 Viking Myths reading comprehension.docxDownload
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Home Learning - Spelling

Try learning and using these new words

(Remember don't worry about the date)

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