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Miss Machin's Phonics challenge

Each week we are going to set a Phonics challenge. Once you have completed the challenge it would be great for you to email Miss Machin a picture or video. 

Miss Machin's email address is

See the completed challenges below!

WC 13.07.20 

Shopping spree!

For this weeks challenge you are going on a mini shopping spree! This is a quick fun game and to play you will only need a shopping list, a shopping bag or basket and a timer. Yourself or a grown up needs to write some words on a shopping list, of things that can be found around the house or wherever you happen to be. Once you have your list ready set the timer for 5 minutes then you have to go and find all the objects on your list, putting them into the shopping bag. Can you beat the clock before the time runs out? I have given you some lists of words to use as inspiration for your shopping lists, you can adapt it for different games to play. You could also change the time limit if you need to. Have fun going on your shopping sprees year one!

Extra challenge: Can you write a receipt for all of the items on your list? 

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WC 06.07.20

Beach cafe!

For this weeks challenge we are creating a fun summer role play for you to practise recognising and reading words with the sounds we have been learning. Watch out for those pesky split digraphs and the tricky soft 'c' sound. I would like you to create your own beach cafe role play, you have cafe word cards and menus to read to find out all the different kinds of food and drink the cafe sells. This beach cafe also has a speciality in selling ice creams so there are ice cream word cards and posters for you to read so you can learn about the different flavours and toppings it sells. There are customer order forms for you to fill in when they make a food and drink order. There are also ice cream order forms for you to fill in when your customers are making their flavour and toppings choices. You can create as many different food orders and combinations as you like, whether you are the customer or the cafe owner. I can't wait to see your own beach cafes!

 Extra challenge: Can you create and design your own ice cream for your beach cafe? You could choose more than one flavour or topping. Can you draw a picture to show what your finished ice cream would look like?


WC 29.06.20

Fairy post

For this weeks challenge we are concentrating on the 'air' grapheme and its alternative spellings of 'are', 'ear' and 'ere'. Your job is to read and sort the fairy post to help the fairies as they have got it all muddled up! They need all the words with the same grapheme putting into the same envelope. The words are written onto different fairy pictures, you need to segment and blend the words to read them. Once you know what the word says you need to put the word into the right envelope for the fairies. Watch out for the alien words, the fairies do not want silly words only real ones! Once you have finished sorting all the words, seal the envelopes, put on a stamp and leave out for the fairies to collect. You could create your own fairy garden to encourage them to visit! (I have created a little learning area for the fairies to do their own phonics lessons and drawings) 

Extra challenge: Can you read the name and address on the fairy tale envelopes and work out which fairy tale character the fairies are writing to? You could create your own messages for the characters and put it into an envelope for the fairies to post to them. I have provided a list of fairy tale words for you to use for ideas.  


WC 22.06.20

Popcorn Phonics!

For this weeks challenge we are giving a favourite movie snack a phonics twist! We are making paper popcorn snacks to read. I have given you our high frequency words written onto popcorn or you could just write them yourself onto pieces of paper. Cut them out and scrunch them up to make paper popcorn pieces. Next you need a box to put them in, you can make the popcorn box using the template I have given you or use a snack box you already have. Once all the words have been scrunched up and put into the box, give them a good mix up. Your job now is to 'eat' the popcorn! Pick out a piece, open it up and read the word. If you get it right you have 'eaten' the popcorn and can throw it away, but if you are not sure what the word is put it back in the box to try and read again later! Keep going until you have 'eaten' all of the popcorn and your snack box is empty. This task doesn't have to be done all at once, you could 'eat' a little bit everyday, remember paper popcorn doesn't go off! I have also given you some of our sounds so you can practice recognising them this way too. Dig in and enjoy!

Extra challenge: Can you sort the pictures into the correct popcorn box? I have given you three extra popcorn games to play. You have to sort the pictures using the beginning or ending sounds of the words. Can you write the word to match?


WC 22.06.20

Popcorn phonics completed challenges!

Take a look at photos and videos of the completed popcorn challenges we've received so far! I am super impressed with your hard work and reading skills, well done!

Freya and Heidi's popcorn bucket from their birthday cinema night came in handy!

WC 15.06.20

Soft 'C' or Hard 'C'?

For this weeks challenge we are concentrating on the sound 'C' for "Dance like a princess". This is an alternative pronunciation, which means it makes a different sound to the normal 'C' like in "cat". In some words it also makes a soft 'c' sound pronounced 's'. I have made you a list of words to read and your challenge, word detectives, is to work out whether the word you are reading has the hard 'c' sound or a soft sound in it. Once you have tried both sounds and made your decision I would like you to label the word with a lego brick if its a hard sound or a piece of sponge if it is a soft sound. For example 'coat' has a hard 'c' so would need a lego brick. You can use the pictures I have created for you or use your own lego and sponges you may have at home. Remember to try out both pronunciations to check your answers and find the correct one.

Extra challenge: Can you match the pictures and words to the correct sound and complete the sorting game? Watch out for those pesky words that have both sounds in them!   


WC 15.06.20

Soft 'C' or Hard 'C' completed challenges!

Have a look at the photos of the completed challenges we've had in so far. This is a tricky sound and I am very impressed with your word detective skills Year One friends, keep up the great work!

WC 08.06.20

Walk the plank!

This week should have been our special phonics week when you all would have been doing your special booklet with Miss Taylor, but beforehand you would have also played the game 'Rubbish or Treasure' with me, to get your phonics brain all ready and warmed up! So there was only one choice for the challenge this week, to play the game but I have added a pirate twist to it.

First you will need to make a plank using some cardboard and on it draw some lines to create about 10 spaces to move along. The plank needs to overhang some kind of water, I did mine over my pond, but you could use a sink, paddling pool, bath etc. You will also need a small toy character to move along the plank. Next to play the game, cut out the coins I have provided, shuffle them up and each player picks a coin. Segment and blend the word on the coin, if it is a real word you move back one space on the plank (or stay at the start if you are there). If it is a rubbish word (alien word) you move forward one space towards the end of the plank! Who will fall off the plank first? You can put the coins onto the rubbish or treasure cards when you have read them. Have fun and play as many times as you want!

Extra challenge: Can you make your own treasure chest using the paper model? Challenge your family to walk the plank too!

WC 08.06.20

Walk the plank completed challenges!

Take a look at the photos of walk the plank challenges we’ve had so far. Don’t worry no toys were harmed in the completion of this task, well done me hearties! Aaarrr! 

WC 01.06.20

Royal phonics crown

We are going royally posh for this weeks challenge! We are creating a crown fit for a prince or princess by sorting the real jewels from the fake ones. First you need to make a paper crown and then write the words onto small pieces of diamond shaped paper. I have created word lists from past screening checks for you to use. Then put all the words into a special box to keep the 'jewels' safe. Next you have to sort out the real jewels (real words) from the fake jewels (alien words), you can use tweezers for this, like a real jeweller does. Once you have sorted out the real jewels, colour them in and stick them onto the crown to make it fancy! Once you have finished sorting the jewels you can continue to decorate the crown however you like, go mad with the sparkles!


Extra challenge: Can you create a different crown, this time sorting our sounds? You can colour and stick on the ones you know already, then practice learning the ones you have left. Soon you will have a crown filled with sound jewels! 

WC 01.06.20

Royal phonics crown completed challenges!

Take a look below at the wonderful royal crowns we’ve had sent in so far. I love seeing your creative designs and I am so proud of your hard work. Well done and take a royal bow!

WC 18.05.20

Alien word biscuits

For this weeks challenge we are working on our alien nonsense words and decorating biscuits with them! First can you read the alien words I have chosen? One page is full of those pesky split diagraphs! Pick your favourite alien name. Then choose either a biscuit or bun to decorate (I used digestive biscuits) Can you create a delicious iced alien? Can you also write their alien name on the biscuit? (I used icing pens to do this) grown ups may need to help with the writing, its a bit tricky! Finally before you eat your alien biscuit don't forget to say "what a silly word!"

Extra challenge: Can you create and write your own alien nonsense words? You could also draw a picture of your alien to go with their name. 

WC 18.05.20

Alien word biscuit completed challenges!

Take a look below at the fabulous and delicious creations Year One friends have made for our alien biscuit challenge. Well done, they look really tasty! 

WC 11.05.20

Phonics Potions

For this weeks challenge can you create your own phonics potion? (It can be either imaginary or real!) I would like you to read the list of ingredients I have written and choose some items from it to make your own mixture. (You can also add any of your own ideas too) Don't forget to add glitter for that touch of sparkle to your potion! Can you also think of a name/label for your mixture?

Extra challenge: Can you use the instruction words on the list to write your own potion recipe for your friends to make? For example- Add five rose petals into the water.

WC 11.05.20

Phonics potions completed challenges!

Take a look below at the very special phonics potions our Year One friends have created so far. I am very impressed and enjoying seeing the different recipes you are making. Well done Year One potion masters!

WC 04.05.20

Connect 4 Phonics

This weeks challenge is a phonics twist on a classic game and one for all weathers! I have created the connect 4 board for you to print off or copy yourself. I also made different versions for you to play, with sounds, red words and blends.

This activity requires a partner to play with. Each of you should choose a colour (use counters or crayons) and take turns reading a word/sound aloud. If you read it correctly, cover or colour the circle. Whoever gets 4 in a row first, wins! (Remember to watch out for those pesky diagonal 4's!)

Extra Challenge: Can you use the blank board to create your own version of the game? For example you could choose the 'oo' sound and write words for both 'poo at the zoo' and 'look at a book'.    

WC 27.04.20

Read and Seek

This weeks challenge consists of reading a word and seeking an object. The words you will be reading are describing words (adjectives).

For this activity you will need to write the words below on a piece of paper with the sound buttons or you could print out the document. Your child will need to read the words and go and find an object with properties that match that description. Below is an example of the challenge.

Extra Challenge:   Can you write a sentence for each of the words describing the object you have found. E.g The stone is grey and hard. I found a leaf on the floor and it was green. 

WC 27.04.20

Read and Seek completed challenges!

Take a look at the fantastic completed phonic challenges we’ve had so far. I am so proud of how hard you are working and how creative you are being! Keep them coming in Year One phonics superstars!


Take a look at Matthew’s fantastic phonics learning. I am super impressed, well done!
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